Fighting Acne with FaceB4

May 29, 2015

When it comes to my skin i'm quite thankful that I don't really suffer with acne anymore but I do get the occasional breakout here and there, so i'm always on the hunt for products to help when my skin decides to turn on me and I thought i'd share my thoughts on a couple of products i've been testing out.
I was contacted a few weeks ago from FaceB4, who are a brand i've heard quite a lot about especially in the blogging world as their products are aimed at fighting and also curing acne. As I mentioned, I don't suffer with acne in comparison to a few years back but having products that are known for being as effective as they are is always a relief, especially when a dreaded breakout crops up.

Over the past couple of weeks i've been really getting to grips with a few products from FaceB4 and initially I wasn't sure how i'd get on with them but so far they have really impressed me and i've noticed that the appearance of my skin has improved dramatically.

Starting with the FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash* (£14.99), which is a really intriguing product as it is a cleanser and toner in one. The packaging has two separate bottles that both pump out product at the same time, which are designed to work together to combat build of salicylic acid and to really get down deep to fight any breakouts. I've been using this on and off for a few weeks now, mainly when my skin is looking a bit dull and also focusing on the areas where I usually get blemishes to really help prevent any new blemishes appearing. So far i'm really impressed and I can definitely say that I haven't had any blemishes since I started using this, might be coincidence but i'm putting it down to this product.

Another product that has been helping in the blemish fighting is the FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Serum* (£9.99). Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good serum but i've never tried any that are aimed at blemishes as I didn't really know that there was such a thing if i'm honest. What I love about this serum is how gentle it is on the skin, as I was expecting a serum that was quite harsh and that made your blemishes sting but this is just like any normal serum, you can't even tell that it is on your skin. Usually when it comes to skincare aimed at spot prone skin, you usually find them to be quite drying but this serum is so moisturising as it contains many vitamins, including vitamin e, which I find is in a lot of skincare that I use and love.

So far i'm really impressed with these products from FaceB4, and if you do suffer with blemish or acne prone skin then i'd definitely suggest giving this a try! If i'd of known about FaceB4 back when I did have acne, then I would have been all over the stuff!

Have you tried any products from FaceB4?

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before. The serum sounds interesting, I like the fact it contains vitamin E, I usually find products that treat acne have the tendency to dry out my skin, like you’ve mentioned. Definitely one to check out in the future.

  2. I really love this duo, they did wonders for my skin!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  3. I haven't heard of this brand before, but It sounds like it would do my skin a world of good x

  4. I've not heard much about this brand, I really like the sound of the products though :)
    Natasha x


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