Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Review

December 06, 2013

If you saw my recent Boots haul then you will have seen that I finally purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, which I also featured in my November Favourites and having been using it for a few weeks now and absolutely loving it, I thought i'd finally review it as a lot of you have requested it.
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - Boots (£5.99)

When I saw this released a few months back I wasn't all that bothered about purchasing it, but then a few people recommended it to me and after reading some really good reviews of this I ended up picking it up and i'm so glad I did!

Described as a feather light, liquid mousse that blends to give a flawless, natural looking complexion that keeps oil at bay and leaves the skin perfectly matte throughout the day. 

Now I would say my skin type is combination, as I get oily skin and dry skin depending on the weather etc. and i'm never able to find a foundation that keeps my oiliness at bay but that also doesn't cling to the dry areas of my skin, until now. This foundation works so well at giving my skin a lovely natural medium coverage, that blends really well into the skin, whilst also keeping my oiliness at bay and surprisingly this doesn't cling to any dry patches as you would expect a matte foundation to. 

It's mousse formula really reminds me of the Dream Matte Mousse, which I used religiously in high school but I just found the shade selection either too pale or too orange for my skin. When I came to picking a shade in the Stay Matte I did have a similar issue, where the lightest shade was almost white but the next shade up jumped to quite an orangey colour but luckily it's just about right for my skin tone, but it would have been nice to have an in between shade.

All in all, i'm really impressed with this product and is my go to foundation of the moment, as it lasts so well on the skin throughout the day and doesn't really dry into my skin after a long day like some of my foundations have done in the past.

Have you tried this foundation?

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  1. I've only tried one of those magazine samples but I was also very impressed but it. It gave a lovely matte finish that lasted almost all day - not bad for such purse friendly price! Xx


  2. I didn't think this would be the sort of foundation that I would like but now, after reading your review I am very interested and will no doubt pick this up!


  3. It sounds great, I really want to try it now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 


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