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February 15, 2014

Following on from my recent Bedside Table Details post and after so many of you really enjoyed that I thought i'd sort of continue with the little storage details around my room. So today i'm going to talk you guys through my perfume collection and show you how I store it in my room!
Marc Jacobs Daisy - Fragrance Direct (£40.95), Marc Jacobs Honey* - Fragrance Direct (£41.95), Marc Jacobs Dot* - Fragrance Direct (£41.99), Vera Wang Floral Rush - Fragrance Direct (£29.95)

One thing I don't talk about all that often on here is perfume and up until recently I didn't really have a collection as such, mainly because I went through perfume like there was no tomorrow but i've since allowed me collection to grow and i've learnt to save perfume rather than use it like a body spray.

Let's start off with the storage as that part is quite easy and quick to talk through. I basically store my small perfume collection on the top of an old Glossybox lid, which sits on top of an Ikea draw system where I keep all of my nail polish. I really love the floral pattern of this lid and it somewhat ties in with my perfumes as they all have some sort of flowery/summery vibe to them, from the packaging to the scents themselves. Now, even though it looks like my perfumes are in direct sunlight, they actually aren't.. I just moved them for the purpose of the picture taking.

Now onto the perfumes themselves. I've reviewed a couple of these but this first one I have never really spoke about and that is the Marc Jacobs Daisy, which I got for Christmas. I'd wanted it for so long after always giving it a sniff in Boots and it's delicate subtle fruity floral scent always made me lust after and let's not forget the packaging.. how cute! Next up, sticking with Marc Jacobs is the Marc Jacobs Honey* which is hands down my favourite fragrance seeing as this bottle is almost empty, i'm trying to save this as I love it so much. I've done a full review of this here, so if you want to know more then make sure to read that. Last of the Marc Jacobs fragrances and this next one is the Marc Jacobs Dot*, which just adds to my love for Marc Jacobs perfumes! I love it's light yet sweet floral scent and is definitely one i'm saving for summer. This last fragrance is one i've repurchased over and over, whilst also being one that I recommend to all the girly girls out there. This perfume is the Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush, which I knew i'd love after loving her Princess range. I've done a full review of this here, so head on over to that post to know a bit more.

So that is my fragrance collection and a little about how I store it in my room. I hope you guys are liking these kind of posts and I think i'll try to do a few more like this.

What are your favourite fragrances?

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  1. Aaah, they all sound so wonderful! I have Daisy but I'd love to get my hands on Honey and Lola too, they're both beautiful.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. Love the look of your collection, I really want to try Vera Wang Princess, it sounds like such a lovely scent! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. I love the Marc Jacobs bottle designs, they are so cute to have out on display. I love Victor Rolf Flowerbomb.



  4. I love all the Marc Jacobs perfumes, the packaging is so pretty! I'm currently loving Roberto Cavalli Acqua x


  5. I love using the Glossyboxes for storage they're so handy. That box is one of my favourite designs

    Emma from

  6. I'm obsessed with Dot, Honey, and Daisy! I can't pick a favorite, but I think it might be Daisy, since I use it the most.

  7. I like quite sensual and overpowering fragrances. My favourites are Sensuelle Allure by Chanel, Pour Femme by D&G and Belle D'Opium by YSL. These look lovely stored on the glossy box lid, a really cheap and effective idea. I got told once they should be stored out of light in a dark place to protect the fragrance, so I try and store mine in their boxes now in a draw, although I miss the prettiness of them on my shelve.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  8. Love love both Dot and Honey! The bottles just look amazing on display too. Win win ;) I love any fragrance by Thierry Mugler as well! x

  9. I really like Marc Jacobs Daisy but I've never bought it! I've not smelt his latest perfumes either.

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  10. I got Marc Jacobs Dot for Christmas and absolutely love how summery the scent is :) perfect for dreary winter days when you need a pick-me-up x

  11. Daisy is my favourite perfume followed by other Marc Jacob scents (I know kind of obsessed) I love how you store them I've been struggling to make mine look ok for ages going to try putting them on different box lids now hehe x


  12. I'm obsessed too! You could try the cute little candles tray things that Ikea do, I think I might change mine in the future as they all look so pretty! x

  13. If you like Daisy then you'll love his others! x

  14. Thank you, i'm glad you like it and yes, a very cheap idea! Yes, mine aren't in direct sunlight their in the corner where hardly any sunlight gets to, i'm not sure why sunlight damages them tho? x

  15. They are, I have them dotted around my room as they fit so well into drawers and make great organisers! x

  16. Thank you Maddy! I love it, and I loved all the limited edition ones that she brought out too! x

  17. They smell so good don't they?! Thank you x

  18. hahaha, all your perfumes have huge lids, I find that quite amusing! :P
    I love Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely! :D

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