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September 17, 2014

Going back a few weeks, whilst I was at V Festival I spotted a really cute little jewellery stand amongst all the other stalls at the festival and their pieces really caught my eye. Whilst I was perusing the jewellery I took a business card and once I had cleaned myself off after the festival, I contacted them and I was delighted when they offered to send me a few pieces.
Mara Jewellery is an independant jewellery brand owned and designed by the lovely Miranda, creating beautiful handmade jewellery collections, with each stone, bead, charm and chain sourced and handpicked globally to ensure each collection is one of a kind. 

Staring off with the Mocora Bracelet* (£17), which is this beautiful turquoise stone bracelet with a triangle chain detailing. When it comes to jewellery I always opt for for blue/green stones, and when I saw this bracelet I just fell in love and it accessorises my everyday outfits perfectly. Moving onto probably my favourite piece, which is actually from her Mini Mara childrens collection but I liked it that much I had to have it. This is the Down To Earth Necklace* (£10), which is a really subtle piece but is great for everyday wear as I find that subtle pieces suit my outfits better. I love the arrows on this as anything geometric instantly draws me and i've been wearing this pretty much everyday since getting it. 

This next piece is from their most recent collection, the Medina Collection, which they showcased at V Festival and as I fell in love with their Fes Necklace* (£19), I was thrilled to see they'd included it in my little parcel. Also, Mara take such great price in their packing with each piece boxed and wrapped so neatly, it's always that attention to detail that makes me know when someone provides a good service. 

These last two pieces are my favourite combination to wear together. Both from the Midnight Collection, starting with the Kraz Necklace* (£17). This piece has got me again with the geometric detailing of the triangle charms, and I really like the contrast of the black stones and gold chain. Another subtle and dainty piece, with just enough detail to wear in the day. As I loved the necklace so much, I had to choose the matching bracelet, which is the Sirius Bracelet* (£14)

Each piece from Mara is completely different to anything i've ever seen and the quality of each piece is just outstanding, you can really tell that time and effort is put into creating every single piece.

Whats your favourite Mara Jewellery piece?

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  1. Love the little necklace, so cute!! x

  2. everything looks so pretty and i love the triangles!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡


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