Makeup Revolution Ultra 'Golden Sugar' Blush & Contour Palette

December 02, 2014

Today i'm reviewing potentially the most beautiful palette that I have ever owned. The amazing team at Makeup Revolution are killing it with every release they keeping bringing and this blush palette just shows how on point they are at the moment.
 When I heard about the Makeup Revolution Ultra 'Golden Sugar' Blush & Contour Palette* (£6) it instantly reminded me of the coveted and hyped Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders/Blushers but obviously for a much more affordable price. Having never tried the Hourglass products, I can't really comment how they compare, but what I can say is that this blush palette is what every beauty obsessor needs to have in their collection.

The palette itself contains eight powders, with seven of them being shimmery and one being matte. With a variety of shades varying from highlighter, blush and to bronzer, there is every shade you will ever need to use. Personally i've been loving using the matte bronzer shade to contour, as it gives a lovely warmth of colour to the cheekbones that looks so natural and effortless. I've also been loving the light pink blush and the slightly darker blush next to it, as they both add a lovely amount of blush with a slight amount of highlight, that again looks so natural. 

The formula of these blushes are just to die for, with the iridescent detail that adds a lovely shimmer that catches the light beautifully. The pigmentation is also amazing and you need the smallest amount in order to achieve a lovely contour/blush look. I also love that this palette has a mirror as it is so handy for when it comes to travelling, and at six pounds it is so affordable!

Have you tried out this palette?

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  1. Great looking palette and such a bargain at £6! Really like the fact it covers your blush, bronzer and highlighter needs :) x
    Brenda BusyBee

  2. I'm dying to try this one!

  3. This looks SO gorgeous! I don't own many cheek products but adore highlighting, so might have to pop this onto my Christmas list! x
    Lauren x

  4. This palette is beautiful!! One day I'll need to go through the Makeup Revolution site and choose some things to order because you've just been loving it so much! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  5. I love the look of this palette, so many pretty shades!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  6. I need some makeup revolution products and this looks so beautiful! x

  7. I haven't tried anything from Make Rev but not because I don't want to... I just can't find them in the stores! I don't think they sell their stuff in the US :(


  8. It's so cheap! x


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