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June 08, 2016

As I mentioned in my recent May Favourites post i've been using self tanners quite a bit recently and i'm all about making sure my face matches my neck tan wise, so i've really been getting a little more into contouring and highlighting but on a subtle level. I thought i'd share a few favourites that i've been using at the moment all of which are so budget friendly.
I've never been good at contouring and highlighting, I just sort of wing it and hope for the best and it must be somewhat paying off as a few of my good friends have commented on how good my highlight has been looking recently. For me I find that as long as have the tools to apply the products and have the less is more approach then you can't really go wrong.

My current favourite contouring or bronzing product is one i've spoken about a little bit already, and this is the Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Palette* (£3.50) which as you can see has two shades. Now this palette is actually one of the darkest shades, but I find it works really well to give a lovely bronzed glow that isn't too dark when i'm tanned. I tend to stick to the lighter of the two shades as it has a lovely ashy undertone so it isn't too warm, as I find some contours to be really warm and red toned which just doesn't work on my complexion. I definitely want to try out the lighter shade of this palette, as then it will be more of a highlight and contour palette, but this shade is definitely more of a contour palette for my skin tone.

Moving onto highlight and I find using a primer with some sort of highlighting elements really helps to give my foundation a really nice glowy finish. I have two products that i've been alternating quite a lot recently, which I find are both amazing for this. The first is a good oldie, the Loreal Lumi Magique Primer (£9.99) is a lovely light primer that looks just like a liquid highlighter but take my word for it, don't try to use it like one as it just pulls your foundation off. As this is a primer I apply this before applying my foundation usually on the natural highlight areas of the face and as I previously mentioned, it just really helps to give my foundation a lovely luminous finish. The second product that i've been using under my foundation is the Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe Cream* (£8) and this product is one i'm a little unsure about, mainly in the way that you're meant to use it as strobing is not something I know the first thing about. However applying this as you would the primer on the natural highlight areas, again just helps to give my skin a lovely luminosity to it that is just beautiful.

The last product is hands down my all time favourite highlight product and this is the Topshop Highlighter (£8), which isn't available online but i'm pretty sure they do still stock this in store. I absolutely adore this champagne shade as it has a lovely pop of shimmer to it that just attracts the light like no other highlighter that i've ever used. 

So those are a few current contouring and highlight products that i'm really enjoying at the moment, and i'm excited to get into trying more products.

What are you favourites?

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