Holiday Beauty Essentials

July 15, 2016

As i've recently been on holiday and with it being holiday season, I thought it would helpful if I did a few posts tailored towards holidays and the things i've learnt from being on holiday recently. I thought today i'd talk about the beauty products that I took on holiday with me, but also ones I didn't and wished I had, as this may come in useful if you're going on holiday soon.
Being a beauty blogger I found it quite hard to make sure I had everything I needed beauty wise whilst on holiday, but also baring in mind that you do have a weight limit and all of those beauty products do take up a lot of your weight limit. With only having 15kg within my baggage allowance I really stripped it down, but luckily as I was going on a group holiday we shared products such as shampoo, conditioner, showergel and aftersun but having said that I was still maxed out on my baggage allowance regardless. Anyway, if you too are going on holiday this may help for when you're packing your beauty essentials.

Starting off with the single most important skin product that you will need on holiday is sun protection. Being a natural ginger, I burn very easily and my sun protection of choice was the Garnier Sensitive Advance 50+ SPF (£8). Usually when using such a high factor I find them to be so thick and somewhat uncomfortable to wear, but this felt like I was wearing the lightest sun protection going. Also it worked! I didn't burn once on holiday, when usually I come back with the most painful lobster like sun burn so if you're like me, I'd highly recommend trying this SPF out as it is really affordable also. Another SPF that I found so helpful is one aimed towards your face, as normal SPF's break me out so I picked up the Soltan Protect & Moisturise Face 30 SPF (£5). I found that this was a lot less oily and quite thin in consistency but again it gave amazing protection and although I still got a few spots, I don't think it was down to this product.

Another product that I was so glad to have whilst on holiday was the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lipbalm (£19.50), which I'd just left in my handbag but when you're on a sunny holiday you definitely need a good lip balm to not only protect your lips, but to also keep them from getting dry in the hot temperatures. Another product that you need to take on holiday is a bite cream of some sort, unfortunately for me I didn't take any as I usually don't get bitten, but I did this time and luckily one of the girls had packed some bite cream. Now that i've come home, i'm still soothing the few bites that I do have and the Boots Antihistamine Cream (£3.39) has been a life savour! You can also take antihistamine tablets to help if you do get bitten or applying some sort of insect repellant. 

With being on holiday you literally live in your bikini, or I did anyway and although it's great to just be sunning yourself all day I did find that my bikini did irritate the skin around my bikini line (tmi I know, but it happens to all of us). One product that I was so pleased that I packed was the Tend Skin Solution (£12.95), which i've spoken about previously but it is honestly the only product i've known to soothe any irritation almost instantly and gets rid of any redness in that area that you don't want anyone to be seeing. 

The last two products are products that I didn't pack, but are ones i'd definitely recommend packing as the hot weather really did dry out my skin and my hair. The first product i'd definitely recommend taking is some sort of dry ends treatment and a favourite of mine is the Fudge Urban Miracle Ends (£5.99). Although I was still conditioning my hair and making sure I properly washed out any salt, my hair was still ridiculously dry especially at the ends and my hair was in desperate need for some tlc. Since being home, i've been smothering my hair with this product in order to smooth the ends of my hair and give them some much needed hydration. Another product I wish I had was a body scrub of some sort, although I was slathering my skin with after sun I was desperate need to just give my skin a good scrub. A favourite of mine is the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life (£7) as it just gets into your skin and removes any dry skin, whilst leaving your skin feeling soft.

What beauty essentials do you take on holiday?

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