Staying Cool This Summer with Bodyform #ChallengeBodyform

June 27, 2017

Today i'm going to be talking periods and staying fresh during summer, as we all know periods and summer can be a bit of a challenge and with the recent hot weather the last thing us girls want or need is a period creeping up on us. With that being said Bodyform have challenged me to try out their newest product, and put it through it's paces to see how well it actually performs.
Bodyform have always been a brand that i've stayed loyal to as I find their products to offer a good variety for all sorts of situations, and they are really affordable but of a high quality as I find some products to be quite overpriced for what they are, especially as they are a necessity (or at least us gals think so..).

Bodyform have recently brought out their Daily Fresh Liners (£1.65), which are designed to keep us girls feeling fresh throughout the day and these are designed to be worn with any type of underwear, which I think is absolutely amazing as I do find some liner can be quite hard to wear depending on the style of outfit you're wearing, and when it is your time of the month or if you wear liners to stay feeling fresh throughout the day you want to feel as comfortable as you can. Now liners can sometimes be a funny subject, as some women argue that they are healthy to wear on a daily basis but some women do rely on liners to stay feeling fresh on a daily basis. 

The lovely team at Bodyform recently got in touch to see if I wanted to test out their new product, and as someone who has always been loyal to towels I was instantly intrigued to see what they're latest release was all about. The team very kindly sent over a little care package in order for me to complete my challenge, which was a lovely little touch and it instantly made me so excited to put their new liners to the test. Within my care package I had the opportunity to do an experience or activity, and I opted to put these liners through their paces by having a gruelling gym session in the morning, and then a delicious meal out at my local Zizzi's with my Restaurant Choice voucher.

For me I typically wear a brazillian style of underwear, which if you do also you'll know they aren't the best style of underwear when you are wearing a liner but these liners were so comfortable to wear, and it literally felt like I wasn't wearing one what so ever. They are also so discreet, and I didn't have any issues whilst I was putting myself through a gruelling gym session and they kept me feeling really fresh throughout my gym session, and also during my evening of wining and dining with one of my nearest and dearest friends.

If liners are a daily necessity to you, or you're on the look out for a discreet product to keep you feeling fresh this summer season then i'd definitely recommend trying out Bodyform's latest release as they are super discreet, and do an amazing job of keeping feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Have you tried any products from Bodyform?

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