Three Blog Reads That Have Inspired Me Recently

November 03, 2017

When it comes to reading blogs, personally my favourite kind of posts are those informing bloggers on certain topics that you may not know about whilst also providing tips/advice at the same time. I too like to dabble in these advice style posts, but recently i've read some really good ones that I couldn't not share with you guys!
As i'm all about sharing blog love and have been meaning to do so recently (as I haven't in a while), I thought i'd share with you some posts that have not only been really informative, but have also inspired me in terms of pushing my blog and content a little more, whilst also knowing my blogs worth.

One area of blogging that I feel isn't spoken about as much as it probably should is sponsored content, and i'm sure we've all dabbled in a bit of sponsored content from time to time but for me it's something i've never really gone after, and have waited for PR's to come to me. A recent post from one of my blog gals Gemma really got me thinking about sponsored content, as she shared some really good tips on how to find sponsored content but also how to ask brands/pr's about it in a way that doesn't come across demanding or down right rude (as I know some people can be from experience). Essentially a lot of what she spoke about I kind of already knew but i've never applied to my blog, purely because i've never felt that my content is worthy, which sounds crazy I know because everyones content is unique but it has really opened my mind up to sponsored content, and how it can really help to build my blog. I'd definitely recommend reading it if you're quite new to the world of sponsored content, because she breaks it down and makes it so easy to understand.

Another one of my close blogging pals Nicole also did a post on sponsored content recently but she also touched on when to say no to blogger collabs, as i'm sure we all once jumped at every opportunity came our way, when in fact sometimes you have to step back and realise that not all collaborations are good for your 'brand'. I loved her post because it made me think back to a few collabs i've accepted this year and in turn just turned out to be quite demanding of my time when in fact they weren't paying me a penny, but I felt that I had to give them what they wanted as they'd sent me a product to review. Granted I accept a lot of products to review for little to no payment, but it's made me take a step back and realise when I really should say no. Again, i'd really recommend reading this especially if your newer to blogging and are wanting to build your blog in a beneficial way when it comes to blogger collabs.

Lastly, one area of blogging that I will probably never get my head around is Google Analytics. Charlotte and analytics have never gone hand in hand and I doubt they ever will but Ellie posted up a really good post all about Google Analytics and although i'm still none the wiser, it's definitely a post that I will be returning to from time to time to try and grasp as much information as I can. If you too struggle with it then i'd definitely give it a read, as she writes it in a way that is easy to understand and doesn't contain a load of tech talk that no one can understand.

Have you read any good/informative blog reads recently?

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