Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb Review

December 20, 2012

After receiving this Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb as an early Christmas present I decided to do a little review on it to share my experience on it and to give you an insight if you haven't tried out this bath bomb before and may want to go onto try it for yourself.
Step by step process in pictures.
TR. Blackberry Bath Bomb, TL. Bath bomb begins fizzing in the bath.
BR. Bath water after the bath bomb has finished fizzing, BL. When the bath bomb has finished fizzing this little message reading 'BOOM BOOM' is left.
Aesthetics: This bathbomb is quite quirky in the sense that Lush have made it to resemble an actual bomb (but a pretty bomb) where you throw it in the bath and it explodes leaving the 'BOOM BOOM' message which I think is really clever and original.
Scent: When I first smelt this bath bomb i didn't get the instant smell of blackberries but I could tell it was a darker fruity smell which I think is very fitting for this season. 
Bathing Experience: (I didn't know what to name this part haha) Whilst soaking in the smokey purple bath water I felt really relaxed and calm from the scent of the bath bomb and the water felt really silky against my skin, as strange as it sounds.
Pre-Bathing: So after I got out of the bath my skin felt so so so smooth and it was left smelling so nice, it was like I had rubbed the bath bomb scent all over my skin.
Overall I really liked this bath bomb from the cute little message inside to the colour it left the water. I would highly recommend this bath bomb to anyone who loves a nice relaxing bath with some added colour and scent.

Have you tried this bath bomb before? Did you like the experience of it?


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  1. I'm really into lush at the moment, I must try this!xx

  2. I really like lush, always have the best smelling bath items.
    I know my friend would love this for Christmas.

    I currently have a giveaway, take a look.


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