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June 27, 2013

I know you're probably sick of seeing these kind of posts, but I honestly do not want to lose any of you wonderful readers when Google Reader does eventually disappear so I wanted to let you all know where else you can keep up to date with my blog.
Just like everyone else I to am very confused as to what is happening when Google Reader ends this coming Monday, but there is a potential that I will lose all you lovely readers so here is where else you can find and keep up with my blog.

The most obvious place of course is Bloglovin', which is basically in my eyes replacing Google Reader. I personally prefer using Bloglovin' as it is easier to use and looks a lot more appealing to the eye. They've also made it so simple to import all of the blogs you follow on Google Reader to your Bloglovin' account which literally takes seconds! You can follow my Bloglovin' here.

If you already follow me on Twitter you will know that I tweet whenever I have blogged and do a few more times throughout the day incase you missed my earlier tweets. I find it so easy to share with you all through the #bbloggers tag and especially as I am a twitter addict! You can follow my Twitter here.

I do sometimes post on my Instagram when i've blogged, not always but I think i'm gonna start to as i've noticed a lot of you have started following my Instagram. Like Twitter I also love love love Instagram, if you already follow me I post photos of mainly food, my pets, make-up and myself you've gotta love a cheeky selfie ha! You can follow my Instagram here.

I have also recently created a Facebook where I also post links to pretty much all of my blog post's, just as another way to reach you guys. You can 'like' the page here.

I have also recently added the option to follow my blog by email which will update you whenever I have posted on my blog. You can follow by email in the sidebar just below my social media links.

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  1. Already following by bloglovin so I wont lose you! Im consfused about google reader/gfc too! Beth May Blogs


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