Triangl Bikini Dupe

August 26, 2014

With me going on holiday next week, i've been on the hunt for a few new bikinis for the holiday and of course the Triangl bikinis caught my eye, the price tags not so much, so I turned to my trusty pal eBay in my quest for a dupe or something similar.
 My friend Abbie, who i'm going on holiday with actually pointed in the direction as she also ordered the orange version of this bikini and to be honest i'm quite happy with what I got. There are a lot of sellers on eBay selling pretty much dupes of the Triangl Bikinis and I bought mine here and they stock so many different styles and colours.

I paid £3.28 and then £4.99 post + package on top, which I wasn't going to complain about as this was literally a fraction of the price of the Triangl Bikini's and if I had the money I would have paid for the genuine thing but I just couldn't justify almost £50. The only disappointing thing is that you can't order different sizes for the top and bottom, so I opted for a medium (8-10) so at least the top would fit but I knew the bottoms would be too small and they are a little snug, so i'll be wearing a plain black pair with the top. If you are more in proportion where your top and bottom size is relatively the same then i'd definitely recommend giving eBay a try. 

I can't wait to wear this on holiday and i'm getting really excited now!

Have any of you found any good Triangl bikini dupes?

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  1. Such a good dupe, I love the colour!! And how can you complain at that price?!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Argh wish I knew about this before I went away! Love Triangle bikinis but they're pretty pricey and have to come from so far away!

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  3. In love with the bikini, so gorgeous! Definetly adding it to my Ebay basket!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. I keep seeing these all over and they look so flattering on everyone! I love the bright colours too Xx

    Olivia -

  5. I'm thinking about getting this dupe. It's not as cheap is $4 or $5 dollars but it comes with original tags and the neoprene bag it comes with. Check it out:


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