January Favourites

January 28, 2015

I cannot believe that i'm already sat down to type up the first favourites of the year, crazy how quick this month has flown by and it has been a busy month thats for sure, but for the majority i've enjoyed this month and haven't been suffering with the January blues too much.
Last year I found that each month had less and less favourites, mainly because I didn't really spend much money on purchasing new products, which i'm glad I managed to restrain myself without really realising - well done Charlotte! Onto this month, and after receiving some amazing Christmas presents i've found some new loves, whilst also rekindling my love for some products that have been hiding in my stash

Kicking things off with my newest fragrance, which my Mum kindly got me for Christmas and this is Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! 50ml (£48.50). I'd never tested this one out, so I was really happy to find that I liked it, actually, I love it! This fragrance is a signature Marc Jacobs fruity scent and the bottle design is also as extravagant as his other bottle designs, I just love!

This past month or so i've been upping my use of primers and after finding that one was breaking me out, I swiftly moved onto the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (£29). I can totally understand the hype behind this as I find my foundation just applies seamlessly when I use this and it lasts really well throughout the day. The only thing i've found is that as the end of the day nears in, my face starts to appear a little slick and shiny, nothing a bit of powder cannot fix, but I think that I may just be using too much of the product on my face - we shall see, but i'll report back.

In my quest to sort my dry skin out, i've dug deep into my stash and pulled out my trusty Hydraluron (£24.99). I was obsessed with this stuff last winter and did wonders for my skin, but I soon swapped serums for oils, and I think the oils have been a massive factor as to why my skin has been as dry as it has. I've been loving using this serum again, and although my dry skin isn't improving as rapidly as I hoped, it's definitely helping in small doses.

Onto the makeup and very pink products, starting with the Milani 'Luminoso' Baked Blush (£4.49), which has been one of my go to blushes this month. It adds a lovely flush to the cheeks, with a slight amount of golden highlight that I just LOVE! I wish we could get Milani products easily in the UK, as this blush has made me want to try more from the brand. Another blush love this month has to be the Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette, which i've been using non stop also. All of the shades within this palette suit my skin tone so well, and as you know I just love Tarte blushes - could I say love anymore in one post?!

Lastly is my newest lipstick addition and this is the MAC 'Show Orchid' Lipstick (£15.50). My Dad and Step Mum got me this for Christmas and, guess what?! I love it! It's the most beautiful bright pink shade that just warms up my complexion instantly - if you haven't swatched this, then you need too!

What have you loved this month?

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  1. Your photography is just beautiful- what camera and lens do you use? Big fan of your blog xx

  2. I picked up a tube of Hydraluron last week and have been enjoying it - however, maybe I'm just being impatient but it's not as mind-blowing as I expected...it's one of those things I use because we're told to use a serum if you know what I mean? x

    The Beauty Locker

  3. Lovely photograph and some really good picks. I really want to try out the Laura Mercier Primer and some Tarte products x


  4. Charline Steuckers28 January 2015 at 11:26

    I wish I could buy the tarte blush palette...
    Lovely post! xx

    Love, Charline

  5. I'm the same! I'm trying it out at the moment and it feels nice on my skin and everything but I'm not wowed by it, which is a shame since so many people talk about how amazing it is
    Daxidream x

  6. I'd love to try a Tarte blush (or anything from Tarte for that matter!) That second shade down looks beautiful - when will they give in and come overseas in the form of an actual counter!


  7. That blush palette looks amazing!

  8. You make the Luminoso blush look so good, I might actually go for it xo

  9. I've been loving Hydroluron at the moment!


  10. The blush palette looks beautiful :)
    Marc Jacob fragrances has always been on my wishlist as they all smell so lovely.

    Have a nice day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  11. Show Orchid looks so gorgeous!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  12. Milani Luminoso has been my go-to blush for such a long time! it's perfect. The Tarte palette looks amazing!! I want it so badly!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!


  13. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 18:47

    I really need to try out more shades, if only I could get my hands on them! xx

  14. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 18:48

    So good for these cold months! xx

  15. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 18:49

    I think it took a while on me, but you definitely notice when you haven't used it! xx

  16. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 19:12

    Try it, it's beautiful and the gold undertone adds a lovely highlight xx

  17. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 19:27

    Thanks, very pink! If you get chance to swatch it, do it! - Such a lovely shade xx

  18. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 19:27

    Thank you! xx

  19. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 19:27

    Totally agree! I'm sure they will eventually xx

  20. Charlotte Morgan2 February 2015 at 19:27

    Aww thank you! I use the Canon 1100D and the lens it came with xx

  21. I could kick myself for not picking up the Tarte Blush Palette, it was sat in my basket for the longest time and then when I went to check out it was sold out, that was a sad day haha! Mac Show Orchid will always have a firm place in my heart it was the first "bright" lipstick I ever bought :)
    xxx Claire

  22. Not a clue sorry as i've never used one, but i'm sure there are some comparisons online somewhere xx


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