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September 02, 2015

It's been some time since I last did a 'whats in my bag' style post and since i've now been in my job just gone six months, my bag situation has changed quite drastically. I thought it would be fun to do an updated whats in my bag but also talking about my new in bag organisation that has become a total life saver.
I've never been an overly organised person, although a major part of my job is too be organised to a fault, everything else i.e my bag, is not. Before my job I always stuck to a pretty small bag that held the bare essentials but now having a full time job, I do need more things on a day to day basis and organising that is actually really difficult. The struggle is real. I've heard about in bag organisers, but i'd never really heard enough or really seen them in store to really see how they worked, so when the team at Insjo contacted me in trying out one of their in bag organiser, I thought i'd see what it had to offer.

Insjo is one of the first in bag organiser brands, of which specialise in helping us women organise our bags in a simple yet stylish way. They offer a wide range of different in bags organisers for all different bags sizes, which also makes it really easy when switching between bags and avoids the hassle of having to constantly reorganise your bag and it means you won't forget any of your daily essential items.

I've been using my Insjo Inari Cotton bagINbag* (£28.50) for a few weeks now and it has changed my life, well my bags organisation life. It's the perfect size for me, as it fits in both the smaller bags that I use, but also fits in my everyday work bag whilst allowing extra room for any bulkier items such as folders, notebooks etc. What is great about this in bag organiser is that it has so many pockets and compartments, that is keeps everything separate and stops things getting tangled up inside my bag. What is also great is that all Insjo bags come with a keyring of which you can attach your keys too. I have the Insjo Pink Keyring* (£4.50), which is great as it had a clasp of which you can attach and unattached your keys to really easily!

So within my bagINbag, I like to keep the essentials that would move from bag to bag rather than random bits and bobs that would just clutter up my bag. Within the main compartment of the bag I keep my Go Stationary Diary (£8) along with a few pens and usually the boring things like spare hair bobbles and grips. Within the next compartment that has a popper, which is super handy for quick access, I usually keep just my iPhone 6 so it secure but still easy to get to. Within the last two pockets I keep my Apple Earphones, which I use on a daily basis especially at work as it helps me concentrate but I also use them for the gym (when I actually go), so I like to keep them in a handy but easily accessible place. I also keep any Lipsticks/Lip Products that i'm wearing or have been wearing so I can top up on the go, but keep them from rolling around in the bottom of my bag. I also keep my Car Keys attached to my bagINbag in order to find them easily and as I mentioned the clasp makes it super easy to attach and unattach from your bag.

All in all i'm so happy with my current in bag organisation and I cannot believe I hadn't invested in one before as they are so handy and just make life, or a part of it so much easier. If you are thinking of purchasing an in bag organiser, i'd highly recommend checking Insjo as they stock a wide range of in bags organisers for all different types of bags. If you do decide to take the plunge be sure to use my exclusive code 'CHARLOTTE15' for free shipping!

Have you ever tried an in bag organiser?

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