New In: Claudia Louch Makeup & Skincare

October 27, 2015

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then i'm sure you'll of heard me talking quite a bit about Claudia Louch as I enjoy using quite a wide range of her products, especially her makeup products. Over the past few months i've been sent a few products to try out and as i've been testing them out for quite some time, I thought i'd finally sit down and give you all the low down on how i've been finding them.
For those of you who aren't aware Claudia Louch is well recognised dermatologist but she also has her own makeup and skincare line, which is tailored to her craft with all aspects of the products targeted towards preventing breakouts and really just taking care of your skin. Having tried out quite a fair few of Claudia's products, I couldn't turn down trying out more of her products as a few of her products I tend to use on a daily basis.

Starting off with a product that intrigued me from the get go was the Quad Corrector* (£45), especially as correcting palettes seem to be all the rage at the moment, but having not really tried much of correcting palettes I thought i'd see what this was all about. Similar to your normal correcting palettes, this has the core four shades for masking everyday blemishes and skin conditions such as redness, yellow tones, bruising/dark circles and finally brightening. The consistency of these correcting shades is so creamy and not drying, as I find some concealers can really dry into the skin but this just masks everything without caking or clinging to the skin. What I also really like about this quad is that it is so purse friendly, as it's so small! 

Another recent makeup addition from Claudia Louch is the Intense Lash Mascara* (£23), which does what it says on the tin really as the comb through wand lifts and grips the lashes like no brush i've ever used, giving your lashes an intense and bold look that lasts really well throughout the day, as the formula is 50% water resistant. What is great about this mascara is that it is really gentle on sensitive eyes, as my eyes can react quite badly to some products and knowing this is tailored to being kind is really reassuring. 

Out of all of the products that i've tried and tested from Claudia, I can honestly stand true to the fact that they do work wonders for your skin but having only tried out her makeup products, I was really excited to try out something from her skincare line. The Mint-Apricot Exfoliator* (£59) is aimed at all skin types and is designed to give the skin a lovely yet gentle polish using ingredients derived from sugar, as well as lemon, mint and apricot in order to give the skin a deep but mild cleanse. Personally I find this exfoliator so soothing to use as it really gets into your pores, but it leaves your face feeling cleansed and so smooth, whereas a lot of exfoliators really tend to irritate my skin. Also it has a very natural and clean scent where you instantly know that this is going to do your skin some good!

Overall i'm really impressed and happy with these latest products from Claudia Louch, mainly because i've noticed how well my skin reacts to these products and I honestly would recommend trying them out for yourself, especially if you suffer with sensitive or acne prone skin.

Have you tried out any products from Claudia Louch?

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