A Relaxing Evening with Ocean Loans

May 20, 2016

Relaxing is something that I never really do, as I don't really get the time to relax with working a full time job, running this blog on the side and also finding time/energy to get through everyday life in general. The lovely team at Ocean Loans very kindly gave me the opportunity to fully take some time out of my everyday life to enjoy a relaxing evening in whatever way I wanted, and I thought i'd share it with you guys what I decided to do to really unwind.
Relaxing differs from person to person, some would take a relaxing spa day of being pampered over a  delicious meal and cosy evening in on the sofa. For me i'm not a spa kind of person, although it is relaxing i'd much prefer devouring a delicious amount of food and having an at home pamper, with all the candles in the world, so that is exactly what I did and I fully enjoyed a lovely relaxing evening to myself.

The first thing I did was take a much needed visit to my local Lush, as I hadn't really browsed any of the new spring stock as the number one way that I love to relax is to have a good soak in the bath, which I rarely get time to do and it was definitely well deserved. I firstly picked up the Intergalactic Bath Bomb (£3.95) as the sales advisor in my local store said that this is the most colourful bath bomb amongst their selection, and boy she wasn't lying! I also picked up the Creamy Candy Bubblebar (£2.95) as i've never used this bubblebar before and it smelt amazing! Lastly I wanted to give my skin a really good pick me up and burst of moisture so I picked up one of my recent favourites from Lush. The You've Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Oil (£2) is a bath oil, mixed with shea butter, which just makes your skin so silky and soft! 

Once i'd gotten all my relaxing bath products together I ran myself a hot bath, lit as many candles as I could, set up my iPad and popped all of these Lush products into my bath to make what was probably the most relaxing bath i've ever had. After a good half an hour of soaking away, catching up on my Youtube subscription box and practically turning into a raisin, I was in full relaxation mode and it felt so good to just take some time out to stop everything and just take some time to myself.

After my wonderful relaxing bath and throwing my cosiest pair of pyjamas on, I headed straight to the Domino's website to order my favourite guilty pleasure in life - pizza! For me i've really cut down on takeaways, so for me it's definitely a treat to have a takeaway and pizza is my favourite! I decided on the classic pepperoni passion and of course I ordered a big garlic and herb dip, no dominoes is complete otherwise. I settled down for the evening with my dominoes and Netflix in tow, and I had a fully wonderful yet simplistic relaxing evening! 

So that is my relaxing evening of choice and I fully recommend at least once every few months, taking that time out to just enjoy an evening to yourself!

What would you do to have a relaxing day/evening?

*This post was sponsored by Ocean Loans. 

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