May Favourites

May 28, 2016

I'm genuinely shocked that it is already the end of May and soon I will be jetting off on holiday to sunny Ibiza! Initially I wasn't going to put up a monthly favourites this month as I really have been quite good this past month with hardcore saving for Ibiza and really limiting down on my purchases, but I could not share a few thoughts on a couple of products that i've been using non stop this month.
With the weather being as beautiful as it has been i've been in full on holiday prep mode and by that I mean testing out many fake tans in order to pick one or two to use whilst i'm on holiday, as I don't naturally tan. In hand with that i've been maintaining my legs and any other areas that I want to be hair free whilst i'm on holiday so the majority of these products are aimed towards that getting myself prepped and ready!

Starting with a miracle product that I wish I had known about years ago, as it would have saved me many an embarrassing moment and pain free experience. We all have hair in unwanted places and i'm sure we've all been there with having some sort of irritation or ingrown hair which we've all wished would just do one and the Tend Skin Solution (£12.95) is the product to just do that. A little tmi I know, but this product is amazing at removing an sort of ingrown hair or relieving the pain of razor burn in your bikini area. Being a woman I know how annoying these irritations are and I rarely see many discussing this, so I thought I may do a few of you a favour by recommending a product that has literally been a miracle product for me!

Moving onto the tanning product that I have literally fallen in love with over the past few weeks and this is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion* (£28.99). I've had this tan for quite a while but i've not every given it a go as the dark aspect put me off ever so slightly, but I thought if I don't like it I can write it off and never use it again. Unfortunately for my bank accounts sake it turns out that I actually really like this tan as it gives instant colour that develops overnight and lasts a good 3-4 days before needing reapply. Although this is a gradual style tan, I find one application is enough to give a good amount of colour pay off without having to top up daily. Although pricey, the quality of this tan is amazing and is one that I will be using for many moons to come.

Moving onto a couple of makeup favourites, of which the first i've been using to bronze up my face along side the fake tan. This Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Palette* (£3.50) in the shade 'medium 02' has been the best shade of bronzer to ensure my neck and face match colour wise. When I tan I tend to not apply any to my face as I find most self tanners break out my skin, so using a dark foundation and darker shade of bronzer or contour to be a much better solution, and this palette has been working really well. It also is amazing for contouring, especially if you're a bit of a contouring noob like me as you can't do a bad job with this one, and it's really affordable! The last favourite of this month has been the Newlook Pure Colour Matte 'Sweet Rose' Lipstick (£3.99), which has been my lipstick of choice this month. This shade is the perfect pinky nude that suits both pale and more tanned skin tones, so this is a win win in my eye and it's really affordable!

What products have you been loving this month?

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