Top Four Places To Visit in Sydney

May 05, 2017

From my recent travels to Australia, I definitely wanted to incorporate a little bit of travel into my current content and from how well my previous packing essentials post went down, I wanted to continue by sharing my top four favourite places that I visited during my short stay in Sydney, that hopefully will give you some recommendations if you're visiting Sydney soon.
During my short trip to Australia I spent around five days in the city, and I did a whole variety of different things whilst I was there, from touristy things to finding some amazing places to eat that I often dream about because they were that good! 

Coogee To Bondi Walk - One of the most popular things that many people do is the coast line walk from Coogee to Bondi, stopping off at all of the little beaches along the way and taking in the amazing views! Luckily we chose to do this on a day where it wasn't too hot, and it took around two hours to fully complete, and if you love going a good walk, or even a run and want to soak up some of the amazing views then i'd definitely recommend it! You can find out more info about the walk here, which has a coastal map of the route and what to expect.

Taronga Zoo - Now I know this maybe a little of a controversial thing to do, but visiting Taronga Zoo was one of my favourite days during my stay in Sydney! Essentially you can drive to Taronga but it's easier and much more fun to catch the ferry boat over, which allows you to get an amazing view of the Sydney Bridge and also the Opera House. The zoo itself is on a hill, and you essentially start at the top, and zig zag down to the bottom whilst being able to take in some amazing views of the skyline, whilst also seeing all of the amazing and exotic animals.

Opera Bar - On my final night in Sydney, we headed down to the Opera Bar to see the Opera House and the Sydney Bridge all lit up at night, and we also chose to have a cheeky rosé whilst soaking up the views. It was so peaceful and lovely to see the views, whilst toasting to my last evening in Sydney, and if you want to do something to remember then i'd definitely recommend visiting the Opera Bar, where they also serve food if you fancy grabbing a bite to eat. 

Brooklyn Depot - If you love a good burger, then i'd definitely recommend heading down to Brooklyn Depot as they have an amazing menu of burgers, as well as having limited edition burgers each month and the tastiest milkshakes that i've ever tried! We visited to Surry Hills location, but they have a few different ones around Australia as well as one in Melbourne. 

So those are a few places that i'd highly recommend visiting if you're ever in Sydney, as there is so many different things to do and things to see! 

Have you travelled to Australia before?

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