April Favourites

May 01, 2017

April for me absolutely flew by both in my personal life and also my work life, and a lot of positive things have happened this month which has left me feeling really happy, and looking forward to the next few months. As always, i've been loving a few products this past month so I thought i'd share those with you, and it may introduce you to some new products also!
This month i'd say that I haven't been trying tonnes of new products, as i've had a bit of spending ban on beauty products but I have been sent a couple of new products that i've been absolutely loving, so much so i've already mentioned a few of these in the past few weeks.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that i'm once again featuring the Lancome Tient Idole Ultra Wear Foundation* (£31.50), which has been my go to foundation of the last month! I did a full review of this here, along with an amazing primer of theirs which I love to use hand in hand with this foundation. The coverage of this is amazing, yet it's so lightweight on the skin that you wouldn't have a clue you've got any foundation on! Like i've said every time i've mentioned this foundation, i'd highly recommend trying it out if you're on the hunt for a new foundation.

To go with that foundation i've been loving using this Oval Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set* (£12.04), and I know i'm a little late to the party on these brushes but they are truly amazing! Originally I thought the concept of them was a little odd, but like all things you can't truly judge things until you've tried them for yourself. Like all makeup brushes they are so soft on the skin, but the oval shape really allows you to buff your foundation in seamlessly but in seconds, which is great for someone like me who does their makeup in less than five minutes. I will be fully reviewing these soon, so stayed tuned for that!

A fragrance favourite of mine this past month has got to be the Giorgio Armani Si Perfume (£62.05), which is a fragrance i've wanted for such a long time so to finally have it is like a dream come true! It's a lot more sophisticated in comparison to my other fragrances, and i've been getting so many compliments whenever I wear this, that it makes me feel really confident. 

Finally the last favourite is from the brand Patisserie De Bain, which I posted up a first impressions here last week on some products of theirs that i've recently been sent. From all of the products my favourite has got to be the Sweet as Cherry Pie Shower Creme* (£3.99), which smells absolutely incredible and leaves my skin feeling so soft! Being a massive lover of anything cherry scented or flavoured this product was garunteed to be a favourite of mine, and i'd highly recommend trying out some of their products if you too enjoy sweet scented shower products.

What products have you been loving this month?

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