What I've Learnt From Blogging This Year

July 17, 2017

During the month of July I always find myself looking back, mainly because it's my birthday month meaning i'm another year older and like to reflect on what I have learnt and achieved over the past year. With that being said, i've learnt a lot when it comes to blogging since my last birthday and it only seemed right to share my lessons in the hope it will help at least one of you.
This time last year was when I finally got my blog mojo back after what felt like months of being so lost with just life in general. I'd just come back from a holiday that taught me a lot, and opened my eyes to a lot of things that I am now thankful for, even though at the time it was pretty crap but you live, learn and move on, thats what makes you stronger even when life can pretty cruel at times.

With all that being said, when i'm going through a bit of a rough time with life I tend to throw myself into the things I love, which for me were my blog, work and friendships that truly mean the world to me, the people I can really count on, not those who have constantly let me down. So with that throwing myself whole heartedly into my blog, it really taught me some vital lessons, ones that I will always remember because blogging is always changing, and with that the way we blog kind of changes as well. So here are a few things i've learnt, and things I wish i'd of known this time last year.

Your time will come - This time last year so many bloggers were beginning to absolutely boss it, of which I was so proud to see but it's often hard to not compare yourself and wonder why you weren't bossing it like they were, and getting the opportunities they were. Which I know straight away sounds pretty selfish, but like I said it's hard not to compare especially when you've been blogging for almost four years. Looking back it was evident that my content just wasn't evolving as others was, and it took for me to really switch up my content and approach to blogging to do a complete 180, and it's safe to say that your time will come, you just have to work for it whilst trying to be as individual as you can in the massive fish pond that is blogging. The opportunities will come, you just have to be patient which i've definitely learnt, and have since had some amazing opportunities to work with some amazing brands.

Stepping out of comfort zone always pays off - This time last year I remember roping my bestest gal pal into shooting my first proper outdoors outfit post, and although I felt completely out of my comfort zone if it weren't for that post I wouldn't be incorporating the fashion content that I have been for the past few months. Although I don't post fashion content as regularly as some, I'm so glad i've pushed myself to be comfortable to get in front of the camera and show off the pieces i'm absolutely loving at the moment. For example, i'm loving the embroidered trend at the moment and this beaut Zaful Floral Mesh Top* (£12.35) is the perfect example as i'm loving discovering new trends, and actually sharing them with you guys, which come a year ago I wouldn't of dreamed of doing.

Don't ever apologise - A few years back i'd feel like absolute crap for not posting, or sticking to my schedule but in all honesty we are only human and apologising for who you are, or apologising because life is just a bit hectic isn't what life is about. Those who genuinely support you will still be there, and you can't please everyone is this world. I've made some of the best friendships through blogging, even if we don't speak in a months I know who will be there and who won't, which is what true friendship is all about.

Instagram will always be a mind f*ck - The constant struggle with Instagram has gotten to the point where I've actually stopped caring, mainly because the stress of it all was really affecting my stress levels, of which for me just isn't worth it. I've come to learn that social media will always be a struggle, especially if you juggle a full time job around your blog like myself, and the best lesson I have learnt is to just do you, and not worry about anyone else. I may gain and lose 50 followers a day, but thats life (sort it out Instagram).

BE YOU! - This is definitely by biggest blog lesson to date, and is one I always tell myself but it's so important to stay true to yourself and not force a persona that just isn't real. If you don't take yourself seriously, no one else will!

What blog lessons have you learnt in the past year?

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