A Little Lush Splurge

October 13, 2017

If you saw Mondays post, you will of seen that I attended my first ever Lush event where I was given live demo's of all of the new products and found out all I needed to know about the products i'd been intrigued to try for a while. Also whilst at the event I purchased a few bits, and I was also gifted a few products so I thought i'd do a good old Lush haul!
If you saw my post a couple of weeks ago, I posted up a Lush shopping list of all of the products that i'd been eying up recently but I hadn't made any purchases due to being on a bit of a spending ban. Of course than went out the window once I knew I was going to this event, and so did my shopping list as I only purchased one thing from said shopping list but i'm really excited to try every single one of these products, and no doubt i'll be buying more in the run up to Christmas!

For me the bubblebars are my favourite products from Lush because you can get a lot of use out of them, and they all smell incredible! The one and only thing from my shopping list that I picked up was the Bubble Spinner (£4.95) purely because the concept behind this is so fun and i'm really excited to try this out just for fun element to it! Another bubblebar I picked up (and got gifted, so I have two yay!) is the My Two Front Teeth (£3.95) which sounded like such an odd name to me before I was informed it's inspired by the tooth fairy, but none the less I picked this up purely for the scent as it smells so good! It has a lovely mix of lavender with tonka, and also neroli and vanilla which all mixed together smell amazing!

One thing that Lush have brought out recently is their packaging-less products, I know mind blown right?! Whilst at the event one of the Lush girls told me that all of these products are 25p cheaper than the packaged versions, and essentially you get more product out of them because they contain less water. Absolute geniuses in my opinion! In my goody bag they very kindly gifted me the Berry Berry Christmas Naked Showergel* (£11.75) which I didn't actually see in store but it smells absolutely incredible! Think berries and citrus, and thats the scent right there! I haven't used this as of yet, but i'm so excited to and i'll definitely report back!

Finally I seem to have gone a bit ham on the bath bombs, which is very unlike me but they have so many good ones in at the moment! One that I just had to pick up after seeing it's demo was the Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb (£4.50) because, I mean just look at it! It is just Christmas in the form of a bath bomb, even the scent is Christmas spice and I just love it! Another that I picked up purely for the scent was the Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb (£3.75) because it smells just like sherbet and I loved that stuff as a child! I'm really intrigued to see what this is like as I didn't see a demo of this, and i'm pretty sure it has a surprise inside!

The fast few bits in my goodie bag that i'm really excited to try included the Thundersnow Bath Bomb* (£4.50) which sounds like the perfect bath bomb to get my relaxation on with as it contains peppermint and cocoa! Also, finally in my goodie bag was the Hidden Mountain Soap* (£7.50) which smells very fresh and outdoorsy, so I can see myself liking this as I love a soap that smells fresh!

So that is everything from my recent little Lush splurge, and i'm so excited to try out all of the new products! No doubt i'll be buying more, because some of the new products sound amazing (especially the jelly bomb bath bombs, I mean what?!)!

Have you purchased anything from the new Lush collections?

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