Fighting Blemishes & Breakouts with T-Zone Skincare

October 16, 2017

A few weeks back I had the delights of meeting the team from T-Zone Skincare, a skincare brand that is a major throw back for me as I used to love their products back when I was teenager as they were always so affordable, and worked absolute wonders on my then teenage skin. Since then, they have relaunched with their latest range, of which i've been trying out and I thought i'd share with you my thoughts this far.
T-Zone have recently relaunched with their latest Charcoal & Bamboo range containing eight brand new products, which are aimed towards us gals that suffer with oily & spot prone skin, who are also looking for affordable products that actually work, as this range is priced from as little as £2.99 and as high as £5.99. 

The range itself contains all natural ingredients which include, activated charcoal which works like a magnet would to help draw out any impurities and unblock any pores from dirt and excess oils. Whilst bamboo extract helps to control the oil that the skin produces, and balance out the t-zone area of your skin, along with grapefruit which helps to keep to soothe the skin.

Starting off with my favourite product from the range, which is the Black Cleansing Wipes* (£2.99) which are the most innovative skincare product that i've come across this year and essentially these work to absorb remove makeup and any excess oil, whilst also removing any dirt left on the skin. I typically use these after i've cleansed, as I always find that face wipes just don't quite get all makeup off and these really help to remove any remaining bits of makeup that I have may have missed, but I also find that I can feel them working on any blemishes that I have and i've noticed how soothed, and less irritated my skin/blemishes look after using these. 

Also within the range, they have released a couple of different face masks of which I was really excited to try as I love a good face mask. Firstly we have the Black Peel Off Mask* (£4.99) which have been all the rage recently as i'm sure you've all seen across social media. This essentially works as any peel off mask would, by removing any dirt and unblocking your pores, and leaving your skin feeling and looking smoother. I've used this a handful of times now and it's definitely a product i've had to adapt to work for me, as the first time I used this I applied this all over my face of which was very painful to remove but since then i've been applying it to the areas that need it which are typically my nose and chin, as these are the areas that I suffer with the most and it has been working wonder to unblock my pores and remove any black heads. 

The second face mask from the range is the Self Heating Mask* (£4.99), which are my favourite kind of masks, especially in the winter as they just instantly warm you up. This masks which is in enriched with natural clays works by warming the skin up to open up the pores, which then works to draw out any impurities and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. In comparison I prefer this mask to the previous mask, just because I find it's more delicate on the skin and it's also a quicker option from the two. I typically have been using this once or twice a week after i've had a good gym session to remove any dirt from my skin that has built up during a sweaty workout, and I find it leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth, and not dry what so ever as I often find some clay masks to be quite drying. 

Last of the products that i've been trying from the range and these are the Nose Pore Strips* (£3.99), which are the ultimate throwback for me as I used to use pore strips all the time in my teens and absolutely loved them! Again these work similarly to most pore strips, and these essentially grab onto the blackheads and lift them away from the skin, leaving your skin looking clean. Recently i've been suffering from some awful black heads on my nose, so these have been absolute life saver. Simply wet the skin, apply these into all the nooks and crannys of your nose and pull off after about ten minutes, job done!

The entire T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo range is available at Superdrug stores nationwide and also online, so if your wanting to try out the products for yourself or you're looking for a new affordable skincare range, then i'd definitely recommend trying them out!

Have you tried any products from T-Zone?

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