August in Photos

September 02, 2013

As August has well and truly gone now, it's about time I put up my August instagram snaps! I had a pretty good August all in all it's just a shame that i'll be back at uni in like 3 weeks time :(
I literally fell in love with friends Kitten // Birthday night out, partyyy! // Cutest dress ever // I love pasta // iPhone 5!! // Finally got my hands on some Baby Lips (review here) // Jess Irwin tie-dye tee (post here) // Bank holiday fireworks (post here) // Selfie, loved my eye makeup! // Strong Coffee, I had such a headache :( // My first Cool Lime Refresher, sooo good! // Primark Haul (post here).

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Hope you all had a lovely August!

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  1. Love having a nose at these types of post, love that cat dress! and that refresher looks yummy!

    Imogen <3

    1. And me! Aww thanks, that drink is literally the best! x

  2. Great pictures! I have been seeing that cat dress everywhere and I love it, might have to make a purchase! :)

    1. They also do a skater skirt in the same print ;)

  3. Love this kind of post!

    Emma |

  4. Your friends kitten is the CUTEST!!! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow


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