Empties #4

September 10, 2013

So I wasn't expecting to be posting another empties post so soon, but my empties basket has got to the point where I literally can't fit anything else in it, which was obviously a sign to make another empties post!

As you can see there is a lot of products that i've used up and it's only taken just over a month to accumulate all of these empties. I obviously can use up products quicker than I thought! I'm going to try and wizz through these quite quickly as this could turn into a pretty long post, so lets get on with this.

The first product is the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash, as you all should know by now I love this product as I feature it way too often on my blog but the scent is sooo irresistible and lingers all day. I already have another one of these to crack open! Next up is the Anatomicals Body Scrub, which I purchased way way back and it got very neglected when the Sugar Crush Scrub came into my life but I kept coming back to this product. I love the fruity scent to this and always leaves my skin feeling really soft. Moving onto the Ted Baker Cleasning Body Wash, I don't really have a lot to say about this product, it smelt nice and the bottle was cute but I probably won't repurchase. Now, the Lady Gaga Fame Body Wash is one that I didn't use for ages as I couldn't open the bottle but I was in desperate need of some body wash one day so I wrestled this open to be greeted with the nicest smelling body wash you could ask for! It smells very similar to the perfume which is super hard to explain but similarly to the perfume this body wash is also black, which I thought was kind of cool. 

Continuing with body washes, the next product is the Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel. Now i'm sure you've all owned one of these before, I just love the zesty lemon scent that lingers on your body all day and the packaging is kind of quirky too. I'll probably end up picking up some of these when they are next on offer. Another body wash.. the Imperial Leather Oriental Calm Shower Creme is so nice. It's one of those scents that is really calming and soothing, which I just love. This product is also more of a creme shower gel, which is really nice and lathers really well onto the skin leaving my skin feeling so smooth. Sticking with bathing, the next product is actually an empty wrapper for a Lush Avobath Bathbomb, which I used last week. I really like the smell of this bath bomb, which is super hard to explain but to me smells like 'the lush smell', which was super relaxing even if my water turned green.

Moving away from shower/bath products, the next two products are both face wipes which I always have a pack or two of as I find them super easy to remove eye makeup. Next is two Sure Long Lasting Anti Perspirant's, which are actually really good. They work really well, or have done during the summer months and don't leave any white marks on my clothing so I will be repurchasing these! The next two products are both pretty similar, the first being the Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion and the second being the Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer (review here). Both of these products i've loved using these past few months to give my skin a little glow. They both apply so smoothly and easily, moisturising as well as giving me a nice tan that looks natural and lasts really well. The last product is the Superdrug Nail Varnish Remover, which is just like any other own brand nail varnish remover, it does the job!

Now that was a long post, I will never let my empties get that full again!

What products have you used up recently?

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  1. You did so well finishing so many products~ I think i need to be more like you because my beauty products are piling up quickly and i need to use alot up. I really want the Soap and Glory sugar crush body wash :) Smells lush~

    Thanks for sharing your empties, was interesting to read ^^ Have a lovely day <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*

    1. I'm shocked i managed to use so many so quickly.. I think most of these were nearing there end though. Honestly you should try it, especially when they are on offer! It smells so good x

  2. So many empties! I have been dying to try Soap and Glory for ages now.

    I'm a new follower xx

    1. You need to try it, i love most of their products! Thanksss x

  3. Avobath is amazing!

    Emma | masqueradebelle.co.uk

  4. The Imperial Leather Creme sounds lovely, i'd love to try that!

    Kimberley x


    1. Not the most exciting of products, but it is really nice on the skin x

  5. Sugar Crush is my favourite body wash ever - smells so good!


  6. So many products! I love Lady Gaga's Fame Body Wash! x



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