Empties #7

June 13, 2014

It feels like it has been quite some time since I last did an empties post, and by the amount of things i've used up I thought it was definitely time I did another. Recently i've just been trying to use up products, as I haven't had that much money to spend on new ones, which has actually worked out really well as it's making me go back through my stash and use up things rather than letting them sit to gather dust. 
First up is the body bits, and as you can see i've used up a fair few bits mainly from Soap and Glory, but i'm going to start with the Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Body Wash, I think I got this for Christmas and I don't usually use anything from Dove but I found this to be so nourishing on the skin. It also smells so nice and I found that it lingered for a few hours after using also, and these body washes are only a couple of pounds so i'd definitely pick up more of these in the future. Moving onto my favourite body wash, and we all know that is the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I'm not going to say much as I always bang on about this, but I just love this stuff especially the scent. 

Moving onto a product I wasn't overly wowed by and that is the Aromotherapy Associates Revive Body Gel. I think I got this in a Birchbox, and although it smelt nice I didn't really find it all that amazing. Another two products i've really enjoyed using are the Soap & Glory Foam Call Shower & Bath Body Wash, which smells divine and the Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel. Both of these I got for Christmas, and like I said i've been trying to minimise my stash. Just like all Soap & Glory products these smell so nice, and just really refresh the skin. 
Moving onto more face things, i've used up quite a few foundations to the point where i'm going to have to finally repurchase some. The first two are both my favourites from Rimmel, the Match Perfection Foundation is just a lovely medium coverage that lasts really well on the skin, and then the Wake Me Up Foundation just adds a lovely glow to my tired and dull skin. I will probably be repurchasing one of these two as they are so affordable. Another foundation, one I bang on about far too much is the Erborian BB Creme, which I love for the summer months as it's a little bit lighter than my everyday foundations, whilst also providing enough coverage. I will for sure be repurchasing this! 

This next product is one that I loved last year, but then kind of went off and took me ages to use up, and that is the Nivea Express Hydration Primer. It's a lovely primer especially if you have dry skin, but I think I just moved onto better primers and found ones that worked a lot better. Another product that I liked in the beginning but again moved on from was the L'oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. Everyone was raving about this a few months back, and I really needed a new eye makeup remover so I gave this a go. It's a lovely eye makeup remover and works really well on stubborn waterproof makeup but like I said I just moved on from it. I'd definitely repurchase it as it's really budget friendly and it does the job. 
Finally onto the hair products that i've used up recently. Starting with the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo, I initially bought this to try and add some tones to my hair in between dying as I found it often looked dull but this just didn't really do anything other than making my hair really shiny, and then greasy after one day. The conditioner however is brilliant. Next is a shampoo i've repurchased time and time again and this is the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo. It's great for damaged hair I find, and the overall quality of my hair has been slowly improving over the last couple of months, which is down to a lot of products including this one I believe. It just works to infuse a bit of moisture into the hair, whilst also leaving it smelling really nice! 

Moving onto the hair sprays/styling products. The Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray is one I found really handy especially as this is a mini, and I would often carry it round with me. It works great to hold the hair in place, but I did find that it often left my hair really crispy but it worked fine for quick touch ups. Lastly are two of the Batiste Dry Shampoos, I must feature at least one in every empties post because I just can't live without this stuff!

So that is everything i've used up recently. Sorry if that was quite lengthly but hopefully you've read this far.

What products have used up recently?

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  1. I love Soap and Glory!

    Emma x


  2. I love empties posts x


  3. Love the look of both the foundations, they look so good! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. love wake me up foundation! x


  5. I am currently using Clean on Me and am absolutely in love. I really want to try the Rimmel Wake me Up foundation, but it has been difficult for me to find. Great post!


  6. I didn't even realize S&G makes a Sugar Crush body wash! I have their scrub in that scent and it's pretty great—I clearly need the body wash as well :) Almost out of my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation too. Originally I thought I would use up some of my other stuff before repurchasing, but now I'm kind of panicking because I don't want to be without it.

    Marianna | www.impressionblend.com

  7. I've never tried any of the Soap and Glory body washes but I may have to! x



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