This Week I #27

June 29, 2014

Found out my final uni grade - Whilst at work on Monday morning I found out my final uni grade, and I was so happy to find out that i'll be graduating with a 2.1, which is what I was aiming for! I was that happy that I cried as soon as I found out, as I really thought I wasn't going to get it.
Went to see 22 Jump Street - After work on Wednesday, Abbie and myself went to see 22 Jump Street. So so funny, and Channing Tatum is hotter than ever!
Had an indoor BBQ - On Friday night, myself and couple of friends from college got together to have a good catch up as we haven't seen each other since Christmas. As it rained we had an indoor BBQ and played a few card games, which was a nice way to spend a Friday night.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Congratulations on your results! I've still got another week to wait for mine :(

    Sammy xx

  2. Well done Charlotte that's so amazing! xx

    Kate xo //

  3. Well done on your results Charlotte! When is your graduation?

    Stacey xx

  4. Congratulation!! So happy for you! x


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