Getting Sandal Ready

June 16, 2014

Something I don't usually talk about on the blog is feet, as I know a lot of people are weirded out by feet and we do neglect them a little don't we? As the nice weather has finally arrived and i've whipped out the sandals, I thought i'd talk you through the products I use to get my feet and tootsies looking their best. 
Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life - Boots (£7), Inecto Pure Coconut Nourshing Mositure Creme - Savers (£1),  Soap & Glory Heel Genius - Boots (£5.50), Bourjois 1-second Gel Polish - Boots (£5.99)

When it comes to giving my feet a good pamper, I like to keep things pretty simple just like my life really.  Starting off with a scrub and the one i'm loving at the minute is the Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life. It's great for giving your feet a good old scrub, removing any dead skin and just brightening up the appearance. This stuff has cute little pink beads in it, and they work to really get in there whilst also leaving your feet smelling nice.  

After i've given my feet a good scrub, i'll next go in with a body butter or foot cream. I'm loving both the Inecto Pure Coconut Nourishing Moisture Creme and the Soap & Glory Heel Genius. Both of these products work really well to moisturise the skin, leaving your feet really soft and supple.  As for pampering that's all I really do, but you can give your feet a good buff as well if need be. I then move onto painting my toe nails, giving them a good file and then painting them in usually in a fun bright shade. At the moment I have the Bourjois 'Turquoise Block' 1-second Gel Polish on my toes, and I love it. 

So those are the simple steps I take when getting my feet sandal ready. Simple and very quick to do.

What products do you use when getting sandal ready?

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  1. The turquoise nail color is so lovely! I think I have a similar hue from maybelline.. time to get it into action! :-)

    TheConscienceFund| Bloglovin'

  2. Love the look of the nail polish, such a pretty colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. MaquillageMagic16 June 2014 at 16:46

    I have never thought about scrubbing my feet!! I really like the peppermint foot cream from Body Shop, leaves them so lovely and soft,

    Laura xx

  4. love the nail varnish x

  5. Charlotte Morgan17 June 2014 at 10:03

    Aww thank you!

  6. I love the Heel Genius and need to purchase a full size of Scrub of Your Life! Great post!

  7. I've heard so much about foot scrubs, something I'll try and get into this year :)

    Kate xo //


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