Sharing The Love #1

October 06, 2014

I very rarely talk about other blogs on my blog, mainly because i'm so busy that I don't really discover many new ones but more so recently i've been finding some amazing blogs to read and I thought today i'd share some love and maybe some of you will enjoy these blogs also.
Starting with a firm favourite of mine and one i'm sure a few of you will also love and this is Gh0stparties written by the lovely Kate. I love everything about her blog especially her photography, it is stunning, I wish I could up my photography game because of her. If you like lifestyle and beauty then you'll love her blog as she is constantly sharing snippets of her on going diy, cute pictures of her cat Mouse (soooo adorable!) and also sharing some pretty amazing tips on some lovely products. Kate also runs her own online magazine, Nouvelle Daily which you also must check out as it has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

A more recent find for me but one that I have really enjoyed is A Little Treat written by Zazie from Singapore. Even though she a smaller blogger, she is doing everything right in my eyes. Her photography is beautiful and i'm so envious of her long blonde locks. Again if you love yourself beauty with a bit of lifestyle thrown in then you need to give her blog a little read. 

Another recent find and one I wish i'd found sooner and this is From Roses written by Rebecca. I've taken so much inspiration from her blog through her beautiful photography, and the way in which she sets out the products within her images. Her writing style is also so easy to read and relate to, everything about her blog is simple and thats exactly what I enjoy about it. Again another beauty and lifestyle blog that you need to read.

Onto a more fashion based blog, and a long favourite of mine, of course i'm talking about the babe that is Lydia Rose. I've been reading her blog from the very beginning and it's amazing to see how much it has grown over the past year, i'm so jealous of some of the amazing opportunities she has had and she is also a lovely girl to talk to. Again her photography is amazing and her quirky style is so on point. Love her!

So those are the few blogs that i've been loving recently.

Let me know who you've been loving recently as i'd love to find some new reads!

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  1. I really love posts like these as I love finding new blogs! I actually already follow all of these which is kind of crazy, great minds think alike!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! I won't even get started on your photography haha - it's stunning! xx

  3. I love Kate's blog and I'll definitely check out the others you mentioned as I love discovering new blogs and I'm in need of inspiration :) xx

  4. Great picks! x


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