Sharing The Love #2

October 22, 2014

As my most recent sharing the love post went down so well, I thought i'd continue but this time talk about my favourite Youtubers of the moment as my subscription box is never ending, and i'm constantly finding more and more people to subscribe to. 
Starting with one of my all time favourite youtuber and one a lot of you will probably also love is Essie Button! I love love love her beauty videos over on her main channel, that girl cracks me up big time. I also love her vlog channel EssieButtonVlogs as I always enjoy having a nose into peoples days and seeing what Estee, Aslan and Reggie get up to , but I love that even the most boring of days for them turn into some really comical moments on camera. 

Another favourite of mine is Faye from Fayes Fix, and I just find her so cute and genuine. I really enjoy her videos as she has a really similar taste in both beauty and clothing as I do, so i'm always keen to watch her Primark hauls. I also really enjoy her vlogs, again getting to nose into peoples day to day lives is something I really enjoy, no shame.

Suzie from Hello October is also another huge favourite of mine, her editing is always so on point in terms of consistency and she just makes some really great content. Her vlogs are the main thing I look forward to, her puppy is so adorable but I do also really enjoy her beauty videos, especially her get ready with me videos. I'm also really jealous of her brows, she has some great brows.

Moving away from the beauty youtubers now, and a big favourite of mine is Ben Brown. His daily vlogs are enough to make anyone crave his life as he's always jetting off to some amazing country that i've never been to, and the antics he gets up to with Fun For Louis and Steve Booker (who I also love to watch) just brighten my day. His visual vibes videos are always a favourite, and his editing is always on point. 

I think i'll leave it with those ones for now, and share some more with you in the future but those are the ones i'm really enjoying at the moment, and I hope i've maybe recommended some new people to subscribe to.

Who are your favourite youtubers? 

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  1. Estée is one of my all time favourites as well, I really enjoy everything from her beauty videos to her vlogs.

  2. Estee and Ben are my favorite to watch! I also enjoy Anna'a videos as there is always something different on her channel! I love her weekly vlogs! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle


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