Patisserie De Bain First Impressions

April 28, 2017

One thing that is amazing about being a blogger is having the opportunity to try out new products from brands that i've been introduced to through other bloggers, and it's something I will forever be grateful for. A couple of weeks back I received some lovely products from Patisserie De Bain, a brand that i've been wanting to try for a while, so I thought i'd share my first impressions with you on their sweet smelling products.
Patisserie De Bain is a brand that is all about having fun, with the quirkiness of their products and injecting a bit of vintage flare into every one of their products. I love brands that have fun with their packaging, making it fun for their customer and their sweet scents are so nice to pick you up just when you need it!

When I first received this beautiful box I honestly thought it was a box of sweets, as the scents hit me before even opening the box and I then spent a good ten minutes smelling all of the products with my Mum as they were all so individual! One of the products they are best known for are their Bath & Shower Cremes and they kindly sent over their Sweet As Cherry Pie Shower Creme* (£3.99), which smells absolutely incredible and they definitely picked the best scent for me as I love anything cherry! I've been using this ever since I first received these products and it's amazing how soft this makes my skin feel, but also how amazing it makes my skin feel! 

A few other products i've seen a lot about is their hand products, and their Lemon Bon Bon Hand & Body Lotion* (£4.99) is absolutely divine! I don't usually use a body lotion, but as i'm starting to fake tan more i've been using this mainly on the areas where I suffer with dry skin to stop the tan going patchy, whilst also making my skin smell amazing and sort of helps to tone down the smell of my fake tan. Another product that I don't typically use is a bar of soap, mainly because I find them to be boring but their Strawberry Cupcake Soap* (£4.49) smells absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to crack this open once i've used up my current soap.

Finally a product i've wanted to try from Patisserie De Bain is their hand creams, and they kindly sent me a few different scents to try but my favourite has got to the be their Rhubarb & Custard Hand Cream* (£3.99) because I absolutely love rhubarb and custard sweets and this smells just like them. Hand creams is something that I've begun using more as i've gotten older and these are lovely on the skin, but also leave them smelling amazing!

Have you tried any products from Patisserie De Bain?

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