Favourite Brush Cleaning Products

April 21, 2016

Last weekend I succumbed to the mammoth task of washing my many makeup brushes that i'd be putting of for far too long, and having no clean foundation brushes left I thought I had no other choice. This got me thinking that I haven't really updated the way in which I wash my makeup brushes and the products that I love to use, so I thought i'd finally sit down and share a few recommendations.
When it comes to brush washing I think i'm just like every blogger out there, leaving until I literally have to and it is the main reason as to why I have a good dozen foundation brushes within my stash - pure laziness. Overtime the way in which I wash brushes hasn't really changed, but I've since discovered products that work really well to really give my brushes a thorough clean of which all are very affordable!

Starting off with probably my most reached for brush cleaner as I really like the clean scent to this and this is the Dr Bronners Baby Mild Castile Soap (£5.99) , which I actually picked from my local TkMaxx as they always have a selection of these soaps available. I find that a small amount of this really helps to break down the product that gets really deep into your brushes and give them probably the best clean they've ever had. I like to use this when my brushes are that full of product that no other cleaning product can fully break down and remove from my brushes. As I mentioned, the scent of this is really nice and makes my brushes smell really fresh, which is always an added bonus.

Moving onto another favourite brand of mine for brush cleaning and these products come from Makeup Revolution, which a lot of people don't realise that they do brush cleansing products. My personal favourite is the Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Shampoo* (£5) , as similar to the previous product this really works to give your brushes a good clean. It has a more gel like consistency to it that differs from the previous product and it has a lot more lather to it. Again this really works to give your brushes that really deep clean that they need, but I find that it sometimes doesn't reach the product that gets right down into brush and you do have to give your brushes a really thorough rinse when you're using this, otherwise you're left with excess lather. I also really like this product as it leaves your brushes smelling so fresh and clean, and not dry at all as I've found some products can leave your brushes so dry and brittle.

Another product from Makeup Revolution is their Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner* (£5) which is a spray cleaner that I find works best for in between cleaning when your brushes are a little bit in need of a wash but not a full deep clean. I especially love using this on my eyeshadow brushes giving it a few sprays and swirling the brush into some tissue, as I find it breaks down the eyeshadow product really well and gives your brushes a clean in between each time you're doing an eye look. I wouldn't really recommend using this on a foundation brush, as I find that foundation is too thick for this product to break down unfortunately.

So those are some of my favourite brush cleaning products and I they are so affordable! I also sometimes use an ordinary soap if my brushes need a clean and I haven't got any brush cleaners to hand or with me, but i'd highly recommend trying out these products if you haven't already.

What products do you use to clean your brushes?

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