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February 26, 2015

Since switching up my skincare a little bit recently, i've started to introduce products that I felt could possibly work for my skin to help improve the dryness but also to brighten up, and even out my complexion. So I thought i'd share the few skincare products that I am currently trialling and some initial thoughts on them.
When it comes to skincare i'm always looking for products to rev up the moisture levels, as my skin is extremely dry and I find that my skin is always in need of some TLC, as I often neglect it thus making my dry skin even worse.

Since I started blogging and got more into skincare, I soon found out that rose products are usually aimed at those with dry skin and although i'm not a huge fan of rose scents, I bare it as the products really do seem to work. I've recently been testing out the Organic Surge Extra Care Nourishing Rose Day Cream* (£21.50), which is a lovely light weight moisturiser that is designed to be used during the day. Now because it is quite light, it sinks into the skin very quickly and gives almost instant hydration, which is why it is recommended as a day cream. Now my skin seems to loves this from all of natural ingredients such as, argan oil to nourish the skin and damask rose oil helps to calm redness. I also love how radiant this makes my skin, all thanks to palmarosa and geranium oils which infuse the skin with vital moisture for a luminous glow. 

Another product i've been using to rev up the moisture is the Weleda Skin Food* (£9.95), which is a product i'd never heard of before but it seems to be a popular one because it has so many purposes to it. Originally I thought that this was a mask, but it is described as a whole body cream for everyday care of dry and rough skin. Now I mainly use this as a night time moisturiser, applying it to the dry areas of my face as it is quite thick and somewhat greasy. I've since discovered that it can be used as a mask, hand cream and highlighter all thanks to this post over on Nouvelle Daily. So far this is working wonders on my skin overnight and I no longer wake up with tight, flakey skin.

Moving onto a mask that i'm currently testing out and one that I was a little skeptical about. This is the Quick Fix Facials Brightening Peel Mask* (£4.99) and usually anything brightening I try to steer clear of, as i've found in the past that products aimed at this often leave my skin tight and oily. More so recently my skin has been very dull and i've been wanting to introduce something that will just perk up my skin a little, and this has been doing just that. I love that it is a gel peel mask, as they are quite fun to peel off but I find that it just gives my skin the pick me up it needs. I only use this once a week, as I don't want to overdue it but so far i'm enjoying what it does for my skin.

So those are a few skincare product that i'm currently trialling.

Have you used any of these products?

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  1. I've seen the peel mask a few times in my local supermarket and was a little skeptical as well, it's good to hear it actually works!

  2. Love the look of the peel mask, it sounds so good!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  3. Charlotte Morgan1 March 2015 at 16:46

    It's really interesting and different to anything i've seen before xx

  4. Charlotte Morgan1 March 2015 at 16:46

    It's a lovely mask, very different but good! xx


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