Sharing The Love #3

February 19, 2015

I thought it was about time that I updated my current favourite blog list, as i've discovered so many new bloggers recently as i've been upping my blog reading game and also through my internship with etailPR i've also found some blogs that I wasn't originally following.
Starting with a Youtuber, as i'm forever watching Youtube videos and after meeting the lovely Brogan  from Brogantatexo, I have been absolutely obsessed with her channel. I'm a huge fan of her current weekly vlogs and she just keeps it so real, which is what I like about her as she is so open with her audience. She is also a pretty good enabler, after watching her Home Bargains haul I ended up taking a trip and spending far too much money!

A recent blogger read comes from the lovely Charlee, from Charmed Charlee who also very kindly created my latest blog design! Her photography is just beautiful and I always find that she is forever reviewing all of the products that I really want to try out and I seem to have caved, as I found myself buying the new MAC Viva Glam Miley Lipstick! She is also lovely to speak to and I find myself wanting to better my blog photography because of her!

Someone who's blog I know I should have started to pay more attention to a long time ago was Zoe London, who i've seen and heard about within the blogging world quite a bit, but i'd never gotten round to perusing her blog until I found myself scrolling through her blog for a good hour. I love Zoe's content as it's honest and has such a wide variety that it makes it lovely to read. Her hair is pretty awesome too!

Another recent find is Love & Liquor written by the lovely Laura who's blog I discovered through etailPR and I instantly knew that I had to give her a follow. Her photography is just beautiful and her reviews are so in depth that they provide you with all the information you'd ever need and then some, so if you're looking for new beauty blog to follow then make sure to check out Laura's blog!

So those are a few blogs that I have been loving recently.

Which blogs have you recently discovered? I'd love to find some new reads!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, I'm definitely going to check out the ones that I don't already follow!

  2. Aw, I adore posts like these! I'm def going to check out all of these blogs! x

  3. Never heard of any of these bloggers\youtubers but definitely checking them! :) x

  4. I think it's so sweet when bloggers do this. I have a really tough time finding great blogs, so when blogs I follow give recommendations, I am all ears as I know they have great taste. I am already a follower of Charmed Charlee, but I added Love & Liquor to my list! Such a pretty blog. My favorites at the moment are The Sunday Chapter and Rush & Teal. x

    Emily |

  5. Aw thank you so much sweetie for the mention and kind words, hope you’re loving Viva Mac ;) xxxx

  6. Gonna check out these blogs now! Ooh cool you're interning with etailPR, I've had a couple of interactions with them :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  7. No worries, glad you've found some new reads xx

  8. Aw thanks! Good, glad you've found some new reads xx

  9. Ahh i'm sure you'll like them as much as I do xx

  10. I agree, I love sharing a little of support every now and then! Oh really? I often scroll through the popular pages on bloglovin', you can find some great blogs through that! Yes I love both of those blogs also, great reads xx

  11. You're welcome! I am, such a lovely lipstick shade xx

  12. Yes, well I was up until last week but the team are so lovely, and a lot smaller than you'd think! Make sure you apply for some of their campaigns, you'll really enjoy it xx


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