The Forgotten Beauty Products

November 24, 2015

As an avid reviewer of many beauty products I always find myself reviewing products that I love, but also products that I know you, my readers will also love and often I realise that I don't really talk about the everyday essential products. We all use them and we all probably have our favourites as we know they work for us, but I thought i'd let you in on some of the forgotten beauty products that I love and have for years.
Now, like myself you're probably thinking 'why would I want to read a review on a deodorant, we know how they work?!' but I find that it took me years to find the products that I now use on a daily basis and still to this day there are products that I chop and change around to see if they work better, but I always come back to these same products. So I thought it was about time I shared some of my long time favourites!

When it comes to keeping my pins looking lovely and hair free I always opt for the simple method of shaving, it's quick, it's easy and pretty much pain free unless you have a bit of a disaster - we can all share our drama stories i'm sure! As my skin can be sensitive to some products I always turn to products that I know aren't going to irritate my skin too much and for me the Gillette Satin Care Radiant Apricot Shave Gel (£3.49) has been my go to for a long time. It's really gentle on my skin and really helps to stop my legs becoming really dry after shaving, which is great if you're in a rush and you don't have time to moisturise! I also like the scent of this as it smells so fruity, yet really refreshing! Also when it comes to shaving my pins, I always turn to the Wilkinson Sword Beauty Disposable Razors (£3.99) as they are so easy to use, they're really affordable and they last a lot longer than cheaper disposable razor options.

Moving onto how I have been keeping my teeth looking white and healthy for the past few months, as dental care seems to be the hardest thing to get right, for me anyway. For years i've always used budget toothpastes and i've never really batted an eyelid as i've always pretty good dental health but as you get older i've learnt that you really do have to look after your teeth and after trying the Janina Ultrawhite Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste* (£10.99) i've noticed such a difference to my teeth. Since using this toothpaste i've noticed how white my teeth look and also how less sensitive they are, which i've never really noticed with previous toothpastes and i'd definitely say that using a slightly more expensive toothpaste definitely gives better results to budget brand toothpastes out there.

Onto the last couple of beauty products that hardly ever grace my blog and when it comes to deodorant, i've probably tried every single brand out there and I always come back to the Sure Crystal Clear Diamond Deodorant (£3.39) as it is the only deodorant that i've found to never cake and crumble just after applying and it never leaves white marks all over my clothing, as previous 'anti white' deodorants have! Also all in all it is a pretty decent deodorant as it keeps me feeling fresh all day and works really well for when i'm in the gym, which is all you really need from a deodorant! Lastly is my go to nail polish remover, now all nail polish removers do the same job but I find the Cutex Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover (£1.60) is by far my favourite. Although I do use it for the fact that it is acetone free, as I do wear false nails from time to time but I also find it to be a lot less harsh on my nails and it doesn't dry them out like acetone nail polish removers do, so all in all i'd highly recommend this to anyone who is similar to myself.

So those are some of my favourite and go to beauty products that we often forget about because lets be honest, what is glamorous about perspiration and hair removal?!

What are your go to daily beauty products?

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