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January 28, 2016

One of the beauty decisions that I made moving into the new year, was to take better care of my hair as I often don't give it the TLC that it needs and the condition of my hair could be improved greatly if I were to take better care of it. Having said that i've really been trying to introduce products into my hair care in order to better the quality of my hair, so I thought i'd share my thoughts on some recent hair products that i've been trialling recently. 
For a good while now i've been trying to find products that would really help to make a difference to my hair, as I find some products can often have the opposite effect or just don't really work as well as you first hoped. I've recently been trying some products from not only brands I hadn't really heard of before but also products that I probably wouldn't of ever tried before.

When coconut oil suddenly became a huge craze last year, I wondered if it really was as worth it as everyone made out but with the hype seemed to come a massive price tag and I just wasn't about that life. So when the lovely people at The Groovy Food Company got in touch to try out their Organic Coconut Oil* (£6) I was really intrigued to see what the fuss was all about and i've since succumbed to the hype. I usually lather my hair in coconut oil the night before i'm planning on washing my hair to really let it soak in and do it's magic, and from doing this minimum two times a week i've really noticed how much better my hair is appearing. Not only does it give your hair an amazing shine, but it also leaves your hair smelling truly amazing! If you haven't tried using coconut oil on your hair, then i'd definitely recommend!

Moving on to some other products i've been trialling, dry shampoo is my haircare saviour but I find that most dry shampoos are actually really drying to your hair and it can also react to other hair products such as hair dyes, thus making the condition of your hair ten times worse, but recently i've found a dry shampoo that has blown my mind. Coming from a brand I wasn't really all that familiar with, the Richard Ward Keratin + 1 Day Dry Shampoo* (£5.99) is a dry shampoo containing ingredients such as keratin, the hairs natural protein to help rebuild hairs natural fibres, as well as rice powder and citrus extract to cleanse and leave the hair with a glossy finish. What I love about this dry shampoo is that it doesn't leave a horrid white cast over your hair that you can never seem to rub out, nor does it leave your hair feeling rough as sandpaper. Instead it works to soak up and oils, but leaves your hair looking glossy and refreshed as it would when you wash it.

Another product from Richard Ward that i've been really enjoying is the Richard Ward Anti Ageing Argan 10-in-1 Styling Spritz* (£) which contains a mixture of ingredients that provide ten different results including argan oil and aloe leaf that condition, protect, boost thickness, strengthen and restore lustre. I have been using this one damp hair just after washing, spraying in the mid to end lengths of my hair and the shine that this brings to my hair is unreal! It also really helps to dry my hair so much quicker and I don't really understand how, but it does and I don't know where i'd be without this product. 

The last product from Richard Ward is one i've struggled with a little, which is unfortunate as I really struggle with cleansing shampoos so I thought this one would finally be the one. They either dry your hair out to the point that you can get a brush through it, or they leave your hair so greasy that you have to rewash your hair and unfortunately the Richard Ward Cleanse & Condition Shampoo* did that latter for me. I thought this was quite a shame, as all of the other products that i've tried from this range have really wowed me but I guess not all hair products work for everyone! Having said that, I still highly recommend trying out this range of haircare products, as they stock so many products and i'm sure i'll be talking about some more products in the near future.

So those are some hair care products that i've been trying out recently!

Have you discovered any good hair products recently?

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