January Favourites

January 30, 2017

January has been an odd month, as i've been on a spending ban in order to save for Australia for the majority of the month so I haven't been doing an awful lot outside of the blogging world and i've not really been trying many new products this month (even though it has just been Christmas). I thought i'd take the opportunity to talk about some products i've been loving on and off for months, but have never really made a feature on the blog before, as I love putting up monthly favourites and didn't want to skip a month.
As I mentioned, I haven't really been trying many new products this months as I featured all of the newer products in last months favourites (which you can read here), so i've just been sticking to the same old products as well as also using products that i've had in my stash for a while. During the month of January i've definitely been taking care of my skin a lot more, as my skin has been majorly dry with the harsh/cold temperatures so i've found myself reaching for skincare a lot more than usual, so my favourite products of this month is a majority of skincare products.

My favourite skincare product of this month has definitely been the Clinique Pep Start Moisturiser (£24.50), which I picked up within a gift set during the Christmas sales and it was an absolute bargain so I couldn't say no. I've been using it as my everyday moisturiser for the majority of January and it has got to be one of the best moisturisers that i've used in a long time! If like myself you suffer with dry or irritated skin, and you're looking for a new day time moisturiser then you should definitely give this a go as it works to just soothe, but to also hydrate and blur imperfections. What I like about this moisturiser is that it somewhat works like a primer, as I find it makes my foundation look and go on so much nicer than when I wasn't using this moisturiser.

Another couple of skincare products that i've been using for some time, but on and off so i've never really allowed them to show their full potential are from a brand called Briaa. Now i'd never heard of this brand prior to trying their products, but Briaa is a natural skincare brand that uses a mix of  scientific methods and wisdom of ancient tradition to create their skincare products for renewal, restoration and nutrition. I've recently been trying out their Pure Hydration Cleansing Gel* ($30), which as the name would suggest is a gel based cleanser that is designed to cleanse and also hydrate your complexion. Personally i've never gotten on that well with gel cleansers as they usually dry out my skin, however this is completely different as it leaves my skin not only feeling cleansed but also looking radiant, and so smooth which was a surprise as most gel cleansers i've tried leave my skin feeling stripped and dry. Another product i've been getting on really well with is their Deep Revitalising Mask* ($50) which is a part of one of their sets and this is specifically aimed at rejuvenating the skin. This mask is different to your typical polishing mask, as you use it in a different way to your typical scrub like mask. I typically apply this to wet skin and leave to set for around 10 minutes, and then I begin to rub the mask gently into my skin in order for it work into my pores and to remove any dead skin. I've been using this for a few months now, typically when my skin is awfully dry and this just sorts my skin out like no other mask.

Moving onto the beauty products that have been getting quite a bit of wear these past few weeks, both of which just boast my love for all things nude pink at the minute. Firstly is the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip ($6) in the shade Bianca, which i've been wearing non stop in order to make myself look more alive as a nude lip just makes me feel so much more put together! I love this shade as it's a beautiful brown nude that I wouldn't usually wear, but the pink undertone makes it so much more wearable as I don't typically suit a true brown nude. Formula wise, they aren't the best if you've got dry lips and I find that they go a bit odd if you try to put lip balm underneath, so I tend to try to really pack on the lip balm and remove it just before applying to stop this setting into the dry areas of my lips. Other than that, I love these lip products! Lastly we have the nail colour that has been on my nails for the past couple of weeks, and this is a shade i've had for ages but i've never used would you believe it! This is OPI Tickle My Francey (£7.95) is a beautiful mauve nude shade that is just beautiful for this time of year as i'm just so into my nude shades at the moment! Although i'm a massive lover of gels, i've found using normal nail varnishes with a gel topcoat to be just as good and just as long lasting.

So those were my favourite products throughout the month of January, and some products that i've rekindled my love for!

What products have you been loving this month?

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