Festival Beauty Essentials

August 14, 2017

With festival season being full swing it didn't seem right to not put any festival related content up, as i'm a huge lover of festivals and although i'm not attending any proper festivals this year (my one dayer at Wireless doesn't count) I thought i'd pull together a few essentials that I would be relying on to get me through a festival! 
When it comes to festivals you just have to remember it's all about having fun and not really caring about much else, however us girls still like to ensure we're looking on point and festivals can definitely test some people, especially those who aren't the best at roughing it and embracing four days of not washing your hair, and using an entire can of dry shampoo! With that being said there are definitely ways around it (i.e glamping/staying in a hotel nearby/most festivals have porto-showers) but there is something about embracing it that makes festivals fun!

I'm going to start off by covering the hair part of festival beauty, because lets face it your hair is all part and parcel of your festival look. Typically for me when it comes to festivals I will go with my hair looking uh-maze so I can get a good day or two of it looking semi normal and from that I can get away with two days of not using dry shampoo, after that then that is where I call on the Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo (£3.99) as its a great all rounder for us brunette gals meaning it doesn't leave that dreaded white cast over your hair. Typically come day three it would be a half up, half down job and day four which is typically the last day it would be on top of my head in some sort of messy bun! If you're like me and are always in need of a hair brush, make sure to pack one because there is nothing worse than forgetting a hair brush at a festival (learnt that from experience). I always carry my trusty Tangle Teezer (£10.99) as it's great at removing any unwanted knots, and it's not bulky like a normal hairbrush would be. Another product that i've been loving and is amazingly handy to have if it's sunny is the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protection Spray* (£2.29) which is a leave in spray that helps to protect the hair against harmful UV rays when you're exposed to the sun. I've been using this as an everyday product recently and it not only helps to protect my hair but it also makes it incredibly soft.

For me whenever I think of festivals, I think of needing to be tanned as a tan just gives me so much more confidence, it's just prepping a tan that takes the time and effort. Now when it comes to tan, you can't just whack it on and leave the house, otherwise you will look like a streaky mess especially if it rains. For me i've been loving the Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse (£14.99) as you can apply this before going to bed, wash it off in the morning and the colour lasts a good 3-4 days, which for a festival has me sorted. The one area that I do struggle with is my face, mainly because I find some tans break me out or can go awfully patchy on the face so I tend to steer clear. Having said that i've recently been trying out the St Tropez Self Tan Express Face Masks* (£15) which is essentially a face mask that tans your face at the same time. What I love about these is that you literally apply them for up to 15 minutes depending on what level of colour you want to go, remove them and you have a beautiful bronzed glow to your face that again lasts really well! If you're one of those that isn't a fan of wearing darker foundations, then this is perfect for you!

Finally a few products that I wouldn't necessarily take to a festival but would rely on in my festival prep or look forward to using when you finally have your after festival shower, are some products from the new Being X Sanctuary range! I've been really enjoying this new range, especially as the scents are a really fun mix of different things making them quite unique, of which all smell incredible. A couple of products i've been loving are the Hibiscus & Coconut Water Body Scrub* (£9) which smells absolutely incredible, and has a lovely yet soft gritty texture that really works to buff away any dry skin and is also great for getting the last bit of tan off. Also to go hand and hand with that is the Hibiscus & Coconut Water Body Lotion* (£7.50) which I've been using after the shower to just give the skin some much needed nourishment, and again this smells absolutely incredible!

What products would you rely on when going to a festival?

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