New To My August Makeup Bag

August 16, 2017

It's been a little while since I did a what's in my current makeup bag style post, and as my makeup bag doesn't change up that drastically I thought i'd share some new in pieces that i've been trying out the past couple of weeks, and my first impressions on why i'm enjoying these products at the moment.
If you saw my recent post on What I Got For My Birthday then you will have seen that my lovely friends and work colleagues treated me to a few new beauty bits, of which I was so overjoyed with as I hadn't asked for anything, and they couldn't of got it more right if they tried.

One of the presents that completely took me by surprise was the Jeffree Star King Tut Skin Frost (£25.50) as I didn't actually know that you could this so easily in the UK now, nor did I think I talked about Jeffree Star enough for someone to actually gift me something from his cosmetics line. As far as highlighters go this is probably the biggest highlighter that I own, surprisingly because they are pretty hefty in size but for the price you get a lot of product for what you pay for. The shade itself is absolutely stunning, and I honestly mean that! I've never really used a bronzey shade of highlight but this is absolutely gorgeous and just makes your cheeks pop! Finally the product itself is so easy to work with, as it's definitely a highlight that you can build as I find some you just apply too much in the first application and you just have to rock it for the rest of the day, but not this, which I really like! 

Another product I was ecstatic to receive was the MAC Amber Times Nine Palette (£25), which I think are pretty new to MAC as I hadn't seen them before, but they are essentially smaller palettes containg 9 shades of which all mix together to create some lovely eye looks! I've been having a little play with this for a few weeks now, and i've really been enjoying getting back into wearing eyeshadow, even if it is a really subtle look. Personally if you're someone who is wanting to try out a bit of MAC eyeshadows but you don't want to build a palette, then these are definitely worth giving a go, especially as they aren't too pricey either.

Being the makeup brush hoarder that I am it was only a matter of time before I added some more brushes to my collection, because a gal can never have too many brushes, especially when you hate washing them as much as I do. Whilst browsing Zaful about a month or so ago I came across this absolutely stunning Rose Gold Brush Set* (£9.48) which is very similar to a few brush brands i've seen doing the rounds in the blogosphere. I've been mainly using this set for powder based products including bronzer and blusher, as the brushes are so soft and can be used in so many different ways! What I also love it how stunning they are visually, with the rose gold hardware and the beautiful pink mermaid like bristles, they are just goals! (Yes I just said goals).

Finally a product i've been meaning to try for sometime, but haven't as i've been waiting to use up a few of the mascaras that I had rotation before doing so, is the Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara* (£21). I've been using this for a good week now, and oh boy it is incredible which I never thought i'd say about a mascara! It applies to evenly on the lashes and gives them an unreal amount of volume that I haven't experienced in a long time. The one thing that I do find somewhat irritating is removing this mascara, as no matter how hard I try I still wake up with panda eyes, which shows how durable this is but I will advise using a good makeup remover to remove this.

What products have you recently added into your makeup bag?

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