Monday Pick Me Ups

August 21, 2017

Moday's, lets face it they are the worst day of the week for most of us and i'm sure i'm not the only one that comes home from work on Monday feeling a bit 'meh' and in need of a pick me up. So I thought i'd put together a little post on a few things we can all do to pick ourselves up after a Monday back at work.
For me I love nothing more than having a pamper evening, but sometimes I find that they aren't the only ways in which you can wind down after a busy start to the week. Self care is something I want to really work at the moment, which is why i've been upping my fitness game but also doing things I normally wouldn't in order to take care of number one. 

Switching off for an hour - Although when i'm at work i'm not on social all that much, but having spent an entire day glued to my laptop screen that last thing I want to do is then stare at my phone or a tv all evening. Usually i'll come home from the gym and take that hour to just completely switch off. I turn my phone onto aeroplane mode, put some music on, have a shower and just spend some time for myself.

A good soak never hurt anyone - Another way that I relax of an evening is having a really long soak in the bath, especially if i've had an intense gym session and i'm in need of relaxing my muscles. As you will of seen i've been loving the Being X Sanctuary Spa range recently, as their products smell absolutely incredible and do absolute wonders to your skin. 

Starting a new book - Now i'm not the biggest reader but it is something that I want to incorporate more into my life and evenings, as a way of putting my phone down rather than scrolling through social media for hours. The thought of whacking on a face mask and getting lost in a book and ignoring everything else that is going on for an hour or two sounds perfect! If you have any good recommendation, please leave them in the comments!

Go for a walk - When I was little, i'd be outside playing with the local kids on my street until at least 7pm and there is always something about fresh air that just does something to you. For me it relaxes my mind, gets me moving but in a way that i'm not going to tire myself out. Even if it's to the shop and back, getting some fresh air can do the world of good.

Comment on some blog posts you've loved - On the flip side of all of the above, of an evening where I'm not doing much I love catching up on the blog posts I haven't read, and just spending some time commenting on them. For me I don't get much time to do this, so I get enjoyment out if when I can find the time.

What do you do to unwind after a Monday?

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