Recent Purchases #7

July 04, 2014

Yes, i'm back after a few days break but i'm not going to go into detail in this post.. Anyway i've been doing a little bit of shopping recently as I haven't really treated myself all that much over the last few months, and with the weather really perking up I wanted to pick up a few things for the warm months. A lot of the items I purchased online got sent back, but these are all of the bits that i've kept.
Flippy Poppy Dress - Topshop (£15)
H&M Floral Dress - H&M (£14.99)
Lace Trim A Line Skirt - Topshop (£38)
Leaf Print Overlay Sundress - Topshop (£38)
Chunky Sandals - H&M (£24.99)

As you can see, I tried to steer away from black with the exception of one piece and i'm actually proud of myself as I usually slip back into the habit of only picking up black pieces. 

The first piece is this lovely Topshop Flippy Dress, which i've had my eye on for a while online and when I spotted it on sale in my local store I just had to get it. It's so lightweight and it's one of those pieces that I could easily dress up or down, so i'm pretty pleased I picked this up. Sticking with dresses, I also picked up this H&M Floral Dress, which isn't available online anymore and as this was the last one in store I just had to get it. It's a kind of smock fit, with a lovely criss cross detailing down the back, which is so flattering and I can see myself wearing this to death. 

This next piece is the only black piece that I picked up, and I totally blame Estee from Essie Button for this purchase. This is the Topshop Trim Lace A Line Skirt, which is this lovely lace skirt with a sheer line running along the bottom of the skirt, which is probably the most sexiest piece of clothing that I own. I really like this piece and would work really well with basic crop tops during these warmer months. Also from Topshop I picked up these lovely Topshop Tropical Shorts as they were in the sale and I couldn't resist. They are so lightweight for summer, and add a little amount of detail to an outfit. 

This next purchase I have to blame on Amelia from Liana Beauty, when I saw her wearing this I instantly fell in love. This is the Topshop Leaf Print Overlay Sundress, which I just love! It's so frigging cute for summer and is so lightweight that I won't be getting into a hot mess when wearing this. This last item I had been on the hunt for, for quite sometime and when I spotted this last pair I made a mad dash for the tills. These are the H&M Chunky Sandals, which I believe have pretty much sold out, and they did them in both black and white. As you can see I got the white ones, and I am so so happy I found them even if they have ripped my toes to pieces, but I can get past that. 

So that is everything that i've picked up recently.

What have you been purchasing recently?

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  1. The black topshop skirt is stunning

    Emma from

  2. Love the stuff you bought, it all looks so perfect for the summer! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. Ooh I love the leaf printed dress! Super summery!


  4. Love the leaf print dress! lovely haul x

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. Some pretty items here!

    Kate xo //


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