Testing Out Organic Surge Skincare

March 19, 2015

My skincare routine as of late has been pretty steady, with only introducing new products that I feel my skin would benefit from and i've really noticed that the higher the quality of the skincare, the better off my skin has been. Recently i've been trialling a few products from Organic Surge and I thought i'd finally share a little light on them.
Organic Surge is definitely a brand that i'm quite familiar with, especially when it comes to their hair and body products, but not so much their skincare, so I was excited to try out some products from their Extra Care range. Now this range is targeted towards anti-ageing mainly, but a lot of products are lovely for skin that is often dry or dull as the products from this range rejuvenate, protect and condition the skin - something my skin often needs.

The Organic Surge Nourishing Rose Day Cream* (£21.50) has definitely been a favourite for me recently as i've learnt over the past year or so that rose products are really good for dry skin. This moisturiser itself is lovely and light, which is why it is great to use during the day time as it sinks in so quickly and I find it also helps to protect the skin throughout the day. I really like how certain ingredients really help with combating skin concerns, as argan oil gives the skin that instant hydration that if often needs, whilst rose oil helps to calm redness and flower oils infuse the skin with the vital moisture that it needs. I've definitely noticed that since using this my skin isn't so dry and irritated as it has been recently, which is amazing as my skin has been a right pain these past few months.

Following on from that is the Organic Surge Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion* (£18.50), which I wasn't sure i'd need as I don't find my skin oily but in fact it works with your skins natural chemistry to leave the skin feeling healthy and radiant. As my skin lacks a lot of natural hydration that comes from the natural oils that our skin produces, I find this just really helps especially as it is in a lotion form to just get my skin on a good level. I don't use this everyday, but i've definitely noticed from using this that my skin is looking somewhat more radiant and it also works as a great base before applying my makeup.

Lastly we have the Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil* (£23.50) and being a facial oil lover I knew i'd get on with this. Although i've been cutting down on using facial oils on a daily basis, as I found that they were drying out my skin, having this to hand for when my skin is in need of a little oil has been a life saviour. I first of all love the bottle design to this as I find the oil hasn't leaked as of yet but the oil itself is just lovely! It's really light compared the ones i'd previously used and the herbal smell is so calming and relaxing that it almost sends me to sleep. This is also targeted towards sensitive skin, which I have so it's perfect for me and so this has currently blown any previous oils i've used out of the park!

So far i'm really impressed with these products from the Organic Surge skincare range and i've really noticed a huge improvement in my skin.

Have you tried out any products from Organic Surge?

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