Mini Primark Haul

March 20, 2015

After having a little splurge in Primark a couple of weeks ago, i'd already seen a few bits of new stock floating around on Instagram and I just knew I had to have another browse to see what pieces I could add, especially as spring will be with us soon!
I ended up picking up only a few things, but I still wanted to share them with you as Primark often change their stock quite regularly and I know a few of these pieces are going to be quite popular because they are so frigging adorable!

First up is this Pineapple Candle (£2), which is a so cute! Now in the picture it looks of quite good quality but really they do look quite cheap but as a picture prop I thought this would be really cute. Unfortunately i'm pretty sure you can't burn this as the inside is actually hollow with a small amount of wax in the top, so really this is just a decorative piece but it's still really cute!

Next up whilst having a look around the home section I came across this cute Morning Sunshine Mug (£1.50), which I knew would be perfect for work. As i've recently started a new job, i'd just been using random mugs and I really wanted my own, so when I saw this I knew it would be perfect and would cheer me up first thing in the morning after my long drive to work.

Lastly whilst mooching around the accessories/bags section I spotted a few pairs of sunglasses that really caught my eye and I fell in love with these Animal Print Sunglasses (£2). Now i'm not quite sure what print these are, but they are amazing and will look so cute in the summer. I also love the shape of them as they are really on trend and just look uber cool!

So those are the few bits i've picked up from Primark recently. I did also pick up some clothes, but i'm sure i'll feature those at some point!

Have you picked up anything from Primark recently?

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  1. I love that pineapple candle!! have to go to the primark to get it :)

  2. Aaah that mug is too cute! I've been seeing some amazing homeware bits from Primark lately, I really need to pop in and have a look x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. These are all so adorable and so affordable :) Primark homeware is amazing, I have the pug bedding - i think its so cute and fun! x

    Lissy @

  4. Love the mug, can't believe it's Primark - so affordable!

  5. I haven't been to Primark in such a long rtime but the pineapple candle is so cute, I would love it as a pot for keeping little bits in Xx

    Olivia -

  6. Ahh I love the pineapple candle and the mug. It's so cute. Congrats on your new job!
    Sammy //

  7. How did i not find the pineapple candle or mug. They're the cutest things ever.
    Caroline x

  8. You got some really lovely things, I actually love them all! Definitely need to be getting my bum into Primark, pronto!

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

  9. that candle is super cute, love it ! those sunnies are gorgeous as well x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  10. such a shame that the pineapple candle isn't really a great candle but it still looks super cute!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  11. I love the mug and candle! I really need to get myself to Primark come payday! xx

    Ioanna |

  12. I adore everything you bought! Specially those sunglasses, love its print and shape - they definitely look uber cool :) Might go to Primark and look around for them! x

  13. Primark sunglasses are just on point, I picked up a few pairs the other day! Looks like you picked up a few lovely bits and bobs!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  14. That mug is so cute! I have a thing for collecting random cute mugs :')

    Kate xo //

  15. The Hello Sunshine Mug is adorable, that wold definitely brighten up a gloomy morning :)
    xxx Claire

  16. Primark has some real gems in there. Me and a friend are planning to pop down on payday and it's almost a bit sad how excited I am ;) x

  17. Claire Cavanagh25 March 2015 at 13:19

    I also have that mug - it's so adorable aha! Love all of their homeware at the moment.

    Claire | | xx

  18. I bought that mug the other day too, it's adorable isn't it?! I hope the new job is going well :)

    Emily//Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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