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March 31, 2016

If you've been a follower of my blog for a while now, then you'll know i'm a huge lover of accessories especially earrings as I don't tend to really change the jewellery that I wear but i'm forever on the prowl for new simple yet cute earrings. Today I thought i'd show you some recent additions that i've been getting a lot of wear out of recently and why i've been loving them as of late.
Jewellery Box are a brand I was introduced to at #BloggersFestival back in late summer last year and they kindly gifted us a few products that i've worn to absolute death, as they have so many minimal yet pretty pieces that suit me and my style perfectly. So when they recently got in contact I knew that I couldn't turn down the opportunity to try out some more products from their range.

As Jewellery Box stock a large range of products, all of which are quite affordable but obviously differs depending on what type of metal you go for, so I found it really difficult to pick out a few products as there were so many that I liked, but I knew that picking out a few pairs of earrings would be a safe bet as I know i'll get so much wear out of them. The first pair I picked out were these beautiful 9ct Yellow Gold Stud Earrings* (£21), which I thought were so beautiful but yet so minimal as i'm not one for wearing over the top, bold coloured earrings. I also love the yellow gold to them, as my ears can sometimes react to coated or cheaper metals and I often prefer wearing gold to silver. I've been getting so much wear out of these, wearing them in my second piercings along with this next pair and they look so nice together.

The next pair are these Sterling Silver & White Topaz Teardrop Stud Earrings* (£8.35) and I picked these because I loved the teardrop shape to them. Again these are quite minimal but I thought the teardrop shape was a little different and would look great in my first piercings as they have a little something more to them. As I previously mentioned, i've been pairing these with the previous pair of earrings as they both work well together and although they are different coloured metals, I still really like how well they compliment one another.

The last pair are a little more fun and a little bit different for me but I thought they'd be really nice to wear in the summer with a killer tan. These are the 9ct Yellow Gold Crystal Ball Stud Earrings* (£19) that have this beautiful iridescent finish to them that in certain lights looks really cool and quirky. Again I thought these were quite minimal, but had a little bit of character to them that I really liked and i'll definitely be getting my wear out of these in Ibiza!  

As always these beautiful earrings came gift wrapped in the cutest boxes, which is always a lovely little touch and are great for protecting the jewellery when you're storing them - so big props to the team at Jewellery Box for making their products look extra special and cute!

Have you tried any products from Jewellery Box?

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