10 Blogging Fails

April 23, 2016

It's been a little while since i've done a tag or a fun, chatty style post and in an attempt to try and get my blog back on track, i've been looking back at the content that I was posting around a year ago, of which a lot of you enjoyed these kind of posts. So today I thought i'd share about my blogging fails, where I somewhat laugh at myself for the funny fails i've had over the years.
I've seen this style of post floating around the blogging world for a little while now, and everyone is very light hearted and I thought it would be a fun way to bring some newer/different content to the blog and i'm sure you can all probably agree on a few of these fails but we wouldn't be the bloggers we are today through these fails.

1. Forgetting to proof read posts - This is my biggest fail and is one I still let myself fail at to this day. If i'm honest it is pure laziness, but when i'm typing up a blog post I usually reread each section to make sure i'm 1) making sense, and 2) my grammar/spelling is correct, but still the odd spelling mistake slips through. 

2. Sucking at sticking to a schedule - I'd say i've not always sucked at this, in fact I used to daily blog when it was easier for me to do so but now that I work set hours I do find it hard to stick to a schedule. Some weeks i'll post once and other i'll post 3+ times and it really does depend on how busy I am, but i'm really trying to get my self somewhat back on track.

3. Publishing crappy non edited pictures - This is somewhat a thing of the past, and I look back at pictures from my very first blog posts and cringe so much at how bad they are! I'll never delete those posts, as they show where I started and show how far i've grown with this blog.

4. Going on a random hiatus for no apparent reason - I'm sure we've all been there, when life just gets too much and blogging falls to the side. This has only happened once or twice for me, and they haven't lasted too long just my schedule at the time sucked and my posts lacked character and passion but it all happens to all of us.

5. Forgetting to publish a post on time - I find that publishing posts for me is always better to do first thing between 8am-9am, allowing the day for my post to get as much promotion as possible but more so recently i'll completely forget and end up publishing my post either later in the day or saving it for the next, which I suppose is more frustrating for me than anyone else.

6. Not promoting enough or at all - Again this is somewhat a thing of the past. I remember i'd publish a post and expect so many people to read it, but this was without any promotion on social media. Nowadays I probably over promote, and i've gotten back into scheduling for Twitter using the app Buffer, which is an absolute life saver!

7. Misunderstanding coding and losing my blog (temporarily) - I remember when I first started blogging, although I had some coding knowledge the amount of times I do something wrong and my blog would just disappear! I also remember when I ditched the blogspot anchor from my blog link, my blog disappeared for a good 4 hours whilst it all transferred over and the stress caused that day was enough to stop me coding my own layouts!

8. Forgetting to type up a blog post - This is my biggest struggle and i've promised myself to not leave it until the night before to type a blog post as I can never guarantee when i'm going to finish work, and when I do eventually get home I just want to go to bed.

9. Failing at getting my head around analytics - To this day I still don't understand analytics. I'm such a fail haha!

10. Not socialising within the community enough - This is one that i've been beating myself up about recently, as I used to always respond to blog comments and participate it Twitter chats but I just don't have the time that I used to. I really need to dedicate ten or so minutes a day to get back on this as I found so much more engagement came from socialising.

So those are a few of my blogging fails and i'm sure you can all agree with me on some of these fails, but it's what makes us bloggers as you can't succeed without a little failure.

What blogging 'things' have you failed at?

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