Maintaining Brunette Hair Between Dyeing

April 11, 2016

Some of you who have been longtime followers of this blog will know that my natural hair colour isn't brown, the paleness of my skin usually gives it away but i'm actually a natural red head and one day I might go into why I dyed my hair but for today I thought i'd talk about the steps I take to maintain my hair in between re-dying the dreaded roots! 
When I first dyed my hair, I was definitely a little young and naive to see how much work actually goes into maintaining a hair colour that you don't possess naturally but over the years i've found a large range of products that really help to keep my hair looking bright and alive, whilst also ways in which to cover up any roots as I try to leave any regrowth for as long as I can, but these products are also great for all you natural brunettes out there too!

Lets starts off with the products I use to keep my hair looking healthy and glowing, as any hair can look dull and lack lustre, and often can do with a little tlc. Over the year i've tried out a fair few brunette targeted shampoos that help to revive your colour and enhance your colour, which I personally love for maintaining my hair colour. My current favourite and probably the best one i've ever used is the Charles Worthington Colour Enhancing Brunette Shampoo* (£5.99), which as the name suggests is help to enhance your hair colour with natural extracts of henna and caramel to improve the vibrancy of your hair colour, whilst also making your hair look radiant and glossy. This shampoo is works to help protect your hair colour and works to prevent your colour fading, which is always an added bonus as I rarely ever dye the lower ends of my hair. I also use the Charles Worthington Colour Enhancing Brunette Conditioner* (£5.99), but when it comes to conditioners i'm usually not too fussed as long as they make my hair nice and soft, which this definitely does whilst also helping to further enhance your hair colour.

Another product that is great at reviving your hair colour that little but further is the Charles Worthington Colour Revive Dark Brown Tinted Mousse* (£9.99), which again as the name suggests is a hair mouse that you apply to towel dried hair and then blow dry into your hair. What I love about this product is that it not only revives your hair colour and makes your hair just look better, but it lasts a good 2-3 washes, which is perfect for me especially when i'm getting closer to dying my roots as it helps to conceal them and make them a little less noticeable. What is also great is that this product comes in two different tones for brunette hair, so if you're hair is a lighter shade of brown you can opt for the light brown option.

Moving onto the root concealing products that I always reach for, now I don't always use these to conceal as some have dual purposes but I find that I can usually prolong dying my roots for an extra two weeks, which ultimately means causing less damage to my hair. First off is the Batiste Dark and Deep Brown Dry Shampoo (£3.99), which I use as a usual dry shampoo as this doesn't leave any white streaks across your hair, which is great! Also what is great about this product is that it comes out brown so it's great to spray down my parting line to help conceal my roots, absolutely genius!

Secondly is a new product that i've recently been trying out and it has changed my life! The Charles Worthington Dark Brown Instant Root Concealer Powder* (£14.99), which is very similar to some beauty powder products i've previously owned when the product comes through the brush allowing no mess and no fuss. This powder is great as it's really pigmented, so the tiniest amount is needed and it conceals my roots like no other product. I'm still to master how to deal with the excess product, as it does transfer onto your clothes but i've found using hairspray helps a little, but overall I can sing praises on this product as it instantly changes the appearance of my hair.

So those are a few product that I use to help maintain my brown hair and also to help conceal my roots in between dying. If you are like me or are a natural brunette and you're wanting give your hair a little tlc, then i'd highly recommend trying out these products! Also, Charles Worthington have products targeted towards other hair colours, so no one is left out!

What products do you use to maintain your hair colour?

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