Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Haul

April 18, 2016

Last month one of my all time favourite makeup brands Makeup Revolution celebrated their second birthday, which they threw what looked like an amazing birthday party in London for all of the wonderful bloggers that have supported them over the past two years and unfortunately I couldn't attend. However they were ever so kind to still send me a goodie bag from the event and I thought i'd share with you the amazing products I got spoilt with.
I still remember how blown away I was with the amazing first birthday present I received from Makeup Revolution last year (which can you read about here), so I never expected for them to top it but boy did they do just that! Luckily I was off work on this Wednesday just gone, when my postman dropped off a massive parcel of which I was not expecting so I was really excited to see what wonderful products I had received.

Firstly, all of the products came in this adorable tote bag that reads 'I helped make the revolution', which I thought was such a cute touch as Makeup Revolution are so good to use bloggers and are my favourite to have had the pleasure of working with. As the brand is stocked in Superdrug and they also have a sister brand called Freedom Makeup, and this amazing goodie bag was made up of a bunch of products from all three brands.

Starting off with the products from Makeup Revolution of course, the first product I found in my goodie bag was the Ultra Metals Contour Foundation Brush* (£9.99), which I was instantly excited to use. The rose gold detail to this brush is so on point and the softness of the bristles is enough to rival the higher end brush brands, and I can't wait to give this brush a go! This next product also sticks to the rose gold theme and this is the Rose Gold 'Girls Best Friend' Lipstick* (£3). I've seen these lipsticks all over the blogging world recently and the packaging is enough to make anyone swoon over them, but also this shade is so pretty. It's your typical girly pink shade, but it has a lovely formula to it that sits so comfortably on the lips. Lastly within my goodie bag from Makeup Revolution was the Antibacterial Brush Cleaner* (£5), which is actually one of my favourite brush cleaning products so I was happy to have another to add to my stash.

Moving onto the products from Freedom Makeup and I hadn't really tried anything from them before so I was excited to finally use some of their products! The first product I was so happy to have recieved as i'd wanted to try this for ages and this is the Pro Studio Strobe Cream* (£8), bearing in mind I have no idea how to strobe. Having said that i'm really excited to see what this product can do as i'm really on the highlighting bandwagon at the moment. The next product kind of blew my mind a little and this is the Pro Artist Pad Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette* (£15), and what I thought was quite cool about this is that is looks like an iPad. I love products with a bit of gimmick to them and the eyeshadows within the palette are right up my street, but I will review this fully once i've really tested it out.

Finally onto the last few products of which were from Superdrug, and all of these products i've never tried so I was really excited to try these. Firstly is the LASH Eyelashes Volume #21* (£4.19), of which i've never really heard much about but I always love a good pair of false eyelashes and I think i'll really like these. Another product that i'm really excited to try is the Solait Express Tan* (£7.99), and i'm currently really enjoying getting back into tanning so i'm excited to see how this works as it says to work in just one hour! Finally the last product in the my goodie bag were some handy B. Pure Micellar Cleansing Wipes* (£1) and i've just ran out of my current wipes so these were definitely a welcomed bonus!

So that is everything that I received in my amazingly generous goodie bag from Makeup Revolution's second birthday party, i'm just gutted that I couldn't attend!

Did you attend Makeup Revolution's second birthday party?

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