Four Favourites For The Perfect Blow Dry

September 14, 2016

Hair care is something that is big part of my beauty regime, something of which if you've been a long time follower you'll know and i'm always trying out new products but I rarely talk about the ones that i've loved and have continued to love. I thought i'd share a few of my favourite hair products that help me to give my hair the best at home blow dry (not that i'm great at blow drying my hair) and ones that i'd truly stand by for making my hair feel and look it's best.
I'm sure i'm not alone when it comes to blow drying your hair and that you can never perfect it the way that you can when visiting your local hair salon, but like me you try your best and pray that the after styling saves your hairs appearance for the remainder of the day. Through trying out a fair few hair care products over the years, there are definitely a few that my hair loves and work hand in hand to give my hair the best blow dry that I can at home.

Once i've given my hair a good wash, with whatever shampoo and conditioner i've got on the go I like to give my hair as much nourishment as I possibly can, as my hair is fairly dry and damaged through the years of box dying it. Having said that, I have recently had my hair stripped and i've had an Olaplex treatment so it's not as damaged as it once was but it still quite dry especially at the ends. For years i've heard so many people say that a hair oil will work wonders, and it was until I tried out the Morrocan Oil Treatment Light (£13.45). I apply this to the ends of my hair whilst it is still quite wet, allowing it to really soak into the ends of my hair and after using this for a good year now I can definitely say that having an oil treatment within your hair regime is one of they key things to keeping your hair not only feeling healthy but also looking healthy.

The next product that I love to use especially on the lower ends of my hair is the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Night Repair Serum (£12.99), which i've spoken about a fair bit previously and that is because I honestly love it! Although this is designed as a product you apply and leave overnight, like a treatment that helps to repair your hair overnight but I don't really use it like that as I don't tend to sleep with wet or damp hair. I prefer to use that as a serum or after conditioning treatment that helps to brush through the knots in my hair but the product itself is bloody brilliant. The argan oil infused formula really works to give my hair some much needed nourishment and it leaves my hair feeling so soft and looking so healthy! 

A more recent addition into my blow dry regime is the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer* (£12.75), which is essentially a primer that preps your hair for your blow dry and helps to protect the hair, and shield it from any breakage or damage that your hair can face during the blow drying your hair. Now hair primers are an odd one to me, but this product has somewhat changed my opinion as this product is like no other than i've tried. I find it really does help to prep my hair and protect my hair when I am blow drying it, and I find that my hair no longer feels dry or appears frizzy after blow drying my hair, all thanks to this product. 

The final product that I will forever praise for having within my hair care regime is the Michael Mercier Wet Brush (£7.95), which I picked up on a whim from my local TkMaxx around a year or so ago and I would highly recommend to anyone that having a brush designed to use when your hair is wet. This brush in particular is so delicate on my hair and I find that hardly any hair comes out of my hair when I use this, as I find standard brushes really hurt and tug on my hair especially when it's wet but this works wonders. It glides through my hair like a right dream and it removes any unwanted tangles.

So those are the four products that I love to use hand in hand for perfecting my at home blow dry!

What products do you use when blow dry your hair?

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