Lush Favourites: New & Old

September 02, 2016

After receiving a fair few Lush products for my birthday it became very evident that I have a rather large stash of Lush products that I'm forever attempting to work my way through and I thought it would be fun to show you all some of my favourite Lush products. I've not really reviewed any Lush products for a long time and my choice of Lush products has definitely changed a lot over the years!
Lush is definitely one of my favourite brands for all things pampering as there is nothing more that I love than having myself a relaxing evening with a bath, a massive carb filled meal and catching up on PLL! Having said that, it's not something that occurs regularly so I definitely enjoy it a lot more when I get the chance and it means I can try out a few Lush products in order to make up for lost time! I thought i'd finally share a few of my favourites, that you definitely need to try if you haven't already.

One thing you'll notice is that all of my favourite Lush products have one thing in common, they are all pink! Definitely a coincidence but there is nothing better than a pink glittery bath - am I right, or am I right? A long term favourite of mine is the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (£3.50), which I think was the first ever bath bomb that I tried from Lush and a fair few years on I still love it as much as I did then! Although it doesn't make the most crazy patterns in the bath, it makes your bath smell amazing and it really helps me to unwind as this bath bomb is designed to help you destress with it's jasmine and ylang ylang scent. Another product i've been loving recently to help me unwind and destress is the new Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil (£2), which really helps to calm my skin and leaving it feeling uh-mazing! 

A recent bath bomb discovery came from one of my birthday gifts, which is the Sakura Bath Bomb (£3.50). I'd never tried this bath bomb previously, mainly because it doesn't look as exciting, however it's a lovely bath bomb to make you feel fresh and calming. It has a lovely spring scent to it that is totally different to the usual sweetie smelling bath bombs and it's nice to have a burst of freshness. Another recent love from Lush is their Fluffy Egg Bathbomb (£2.95), which I believe is a limited edition Easter product however I have used a good few of these over the past few months! I'm pretty sure this has the snow fairy scent or one very similar, which is my favourite scent of all time from Lush!

Moving onto my favourite bubblebars, which I do have a somewhat love hate relationship with as I love the concept of them however I just find them so messy to store once you've used a portion of them. Anywho, my all time favourite is of course the Comforter Bubblebar (£4.95), but i'm actually all out of that at the moment and as I have so many to use it has allowed to find some new favourites! One of thise has got to be the Rosejam Bubbleroon (£3.95), which again i'd not tried at all and as i'm not a huge fan of the scent of the shower gel I doubted i'd like this but I actually love it! It creates a lovely amount of bubbles and also further turns your bath even more pink, which all in all is enough to cheer anyone up. Lastly is another discovery of the past year or so, and this is the Cream Candy Bubblebar (£2.95), which I buy purely for the snow fairy scent. Lush are quite sneaky with that, but if it means getting my snow fairy fix some way then let this be it!

What are your favourite Lush products?

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