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September 23, 2016

Some of you may know this year i've gotten back on the fitness bandwagon and if i'm honest, I really enjoy it! It's amazing how good exercise and just eating better can make you feel, especially if you keep at it. With going to the gym also comes gym wear, and it's definitely true that new gym wear can definitely motivate you, so I thought i'd share my first fitness fashion post with a little help from JD Sports and their new Ellesse range!
Whenever I go to the gym, I do like to make sure I look somewhat the part, kind of 'got the gear but no idea look' - if you get me! For me I like my gym wear to be comfortable, but also somewhat different as i'm not afraid to rock some funky patterned bottoms but at the same time I do stick to my monochrome safe box. The new range from Ellesse in collaboration with Lucy Mecklenburgh (from TOWIE) for me is my ideal gym wear range, as the designs fit my personal style down to a T and they look just down right uh-mazing! As the lovely team from JD Sports sent my a few garments from the new range, I thought i'd style them up and put them through their paces during a sweaty gym session!

Starting off with probably the most important thing us girls need to wear in the gym, or when exercising in general and that is a sports bra! The Ellesse Greta Tape Sports Bra* (£18.00) is my favourite style of sports bra, no hard to reach and intricate straps, a simple put over your head/arms and you're good to go! What I love about this sports bra is the simple design to it, black with the Ellesse logo around the elasticated section because sports bra's aren't something you see under a t-shirt and let's face it i'm not going to be going to the gym showing this off anytime soon, for me it's all about the support it gives and it's safe to say my boobs aren't going anywhere anytime soon in this! 

I then paired this with the Ellesse Read 2-in1 Vest* (£28), which is completely different to the usual baggy tops that I wear to the gym. I love the design of this as it has an almost built in sports bra/top section to hide your sports bra and then the top stills covers the area's you don't want to be showing off to the world but allows some air to get in there, as I personally gets SO hot when I go to the gym. The fabric is also super breathable and I like that it doesn't cling to you like your usual gym tops, as it still has the baggy element that I find comfort in whilst working out.

Moving onto my favourite piece from the range is the Ellesse Ren Tape Tights* (£30), which are the most comfortable gym bottoms i've ever worn! I love the space dye grey pattern to these trousers and the material is super thin, which makes them so light and comfortable to wear, and it means I can squat to my hearts content without them feeling restricting. Again, they have the Ellesse logo around the elasticated waistband which I think adds a nice touch and they also have a small zip pocket on the bum section, which I use to put my gym card in or my locker key. The only downside to these is that they are way too long for me, but I do like to roll my gym trousers up to allow some air to my ankles/legs so this didn't bother me too much. I then finished off my gym outfit with my trusty Adidas ZX Flux Verve Trainers (£75) as these are super light weight and so comfy! (Just to note, I don't usually go to the gym all dolled up and I do put my hair up when i'm working up a sweat!)

Overall I love the pieces within this range as they are so comfortable to wear and they are reasonably affordable, especially if you're an avid gym goer! I'd definitely recommend checking out this range, especially if you're on the hunt for some new gym gear! 

What are your favourite gym wear pieces?

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