Taking Blog Photos During Winter

October 24, 2016

As Autumn is fully set in and the clocks will be changing in a matter of weeks, I thought it was the perfect time to pull together a post with my tips of how to combat the limited hours of decent daylight and just how I generally take my blog pictures during the winter months. We all know the struggle is real when it comes to getting those good photos during winter and over the years i've learnt some really useful tips, so I thought i'd share them with you!
When I first started blogging, safe to say I didn't understand lighting at all but once i'd gotten into using natural light and understanding it more it became very apparent that during the autumn/winter months the light was very hard to work with and just often unreliable, in comparison to the summer months. As I now work full time, it's really hard for me to actually shoot my blog pictures as I can't shoot in the evenings, which means i'm limited to a couple of days within the week but last winter really allowed me to learn and get myself into a good routine in order for me to still shoot blog photos that I was really happy with and happy to put out. So here a few tips that I hope will help, as i've definitely learnt from them!

  • Plan, plan, plan - The number one thing for me is to plan everything! So during the evenings where I can't take blog photos, I plan exactly what posts I want to put up and the products/props I need in order to be ready for when I have the opportunity to shoot.
  • Make the most of the light - On the weekends, I make sure that I get as much out of the available daylight as I possibly can and shoot as many blog pictures as I can so i've got a good bank of blog photos ready. That often means sacrificing a lie in, or meaning that I go to the gym later than originally planned or postponing things.
  • Shoot outside - If I find that i'm struggling with light, especially on the days where it's a bit cloudy I sometimes will shoot outside in order to get the most out of the light that is available. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but it's so worth it!
  • Get into a routine - For me the best thing to do is to get yourself into a routine, so when I know i'm going to be shooting my blog pictures I make sure i'm being as efficient as I can be. Including working out when is best to shoot, as in timing with the daylight and as I previously mentioned planning ahead and just generally knowing what you want to do so you don't waste precious daylight time.
  • Invest in equipment - For this doesn't really apply as I try to get the most out of natural daylight, but if you don't have enough free time in order to shoot blog pictures i'd definitely recommend investing in some artificial lighting. I've seen a few bloggers sharing lighting that costs as little as £30, so there are cheaper methods available nowadays! 
  • Editing - The main thing that literally makes and saves my photos is the editing. Although shooting in natural light can really help, you often need a little extra help to get your photos looking perfect and I really rely on editing during the winter!
  • Research and read up more - Now, I thought i'd take this time to share some posts that i've recently read or learnt some really useful tips from other bloggers out there. 

How do you survive taking blog pictures during the winter?

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